VGarabia: Batman: Arkham Asylum review

Batman: Arkham Asylum is the best super hero/comic game to be ever released and it's one of the best action-adventure games to be released this generation.

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immortal843561d ago

I love Batman and action-adventure games.

biloz3561d ago

nice one actually it came out of no where, for me at least..

spartan112g3561d ago

This game could have gotten a 10/10, but I would not have bought it. I would have bought it if they had gotten rid of all of the stealth parts. I feel like stealth is for cowards, but ninjas are still awesome.

ShabzS3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

stealth is batmans primary ally ... the thing that makes batman so special besides a superb ensamble of villians is that he's real... he's human... he cant go in through the front door he'll get killed... stealth and fear are his weapons... most of the time in movies and comics you only see the fear elments but its finally great to actually plan the scares and really become the scare master...

for instance while sitting on top of a gargoyal in the dark, try throwing a batarang at the feet of a bad guys.. not hitting them just right in front of them ... and watch them scream... or try flying right over their heads and dissapearing into the darkness...

the satisfaction you get after hearing them scream things like "leave me alone" or "what are you"... is like no other... finally a game does it right

biloz3561d ago

Well, I guess Solid Snake wasn't cowards ;)

hardcore19123560d ago

Batman seems to be fun :)

alaa3560d ago

Its look like I will buy the game.