Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo for ~50 billion $

Recent talks between Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. over how to band together betray increasing unrest at Microsoft over how to compete with Google Inc. and get in step with the booming online-advertising market.

Microsoft and Yahoo discussed a possible merger or other matchup that would pair their respective strengths, say people familiar with the situation. The merger discussions are no longer active, these people say, but that doesn't preclude the two companies from some other form of cooperation.

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techie4491d ago

but msn and can't just buy out your competition! that's not healthy.

"Microsoft buys "playstation" for $50billion"...uh.

tk4491d ago

Do you think MS developed anything from scratch? They mostly bough other products or code from other products, or just copied code from others - legally and illegally - and got caught sometimes. If they buy Yahoo, then that is just part of their normal business process, and the process of market consolidation.

Just check their previous products - MS Project - came from somewhere else, TCP/IP stack - came from BSD, SQL Server came from Sybase if I remember correctly, Active Directory (Jim Alchin) came from Banyan Vines Street Talk directory if I'm not mistaken, etc etc etc. Hotmail was bought out - heck - MS depended on FreeBSD servers for their premier webmail for many many years. They are a monopoly - that is how they work - buy out the competitor, disrupt the market by going under priced, kill the competitor with predatory pricing (Internet Explorer), lock into other products, leverage other monopoly markets to force transition to their new offerings (smile while cutting someone's throat <Novell>), sabotage others (Bluemountain) etc etc etc.

So to compete with Google they started MSN, cannot get there, so they will buy out Yahoo in order to compete - and when they achieved the monopoly, raise the prices and block competitors with threats, lawsuits, patents, exclusionary contracts with partners etc etc etc. That is their business model. For them it makes perfect sense to buy Yahoo.

Babylonian4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

Yeah man, that's really isn't good. Monopolies are never good for the consumer. MS need to stop buying their way out and try to come with new inovations. I hope that in the future MS won't buy us all, nah just kidding (I hope).

All I'm saying is that they are talking about giving people "Choice", well there won't be any if they keep buying everything.

eques judicii4491d ago

Google is the leader in internet searches/email. All this does is put microsoft and Yahoo into a better position to compete. Both are getting destroyed by google...

if anything, with all the acquisitions that google has been making lately, i'd be more afraid of google becoming a monopoly than microsoft... at least in the internet world

Babylonian4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

So that includes Google. Do you think that by having Yahoo on board they can compete better with Google? the only thing that will result from this is that you have two players on the market, Google and MS. That's called Oligopoly, the most extreme is Monopoly, both mean less choice.

Second is that the competition won't be better, Googles comes with something, MS comes with something. This means that if both stop with innovation because they feel they have enough marketshare like 45%=MS and 55%=Google, who is gonna come and keep the industry in development? NO ONE.

So MS should come with with something else, a good innovation will trigger Yahoo, and that will trigger Google and that will trigger MS etc, etc.

kdawg2224491d ago

Microsoft is trying to storm the competition from all angles. This is not good. ANTI MICROSOFT DEFENSE FORCE ASSEMBLE

Kyur4ThePain4491d ago

If you can't beat them, buy them.

MoonDust4491d ago

I don't know anything about it so let me comment on it. They are going after GooG, they would buy goog if they really wanted to buy out the comp.

Maddens Raiders4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

Rupert Murdoch / FoX make a bid for the Dow last week and now MS / NBC is making a bid for Yahoo. Information = policy, opinion, truth. Money = Power.

Control both of these and you control the world. Think about it.

These are not good signs people.

Destructicons. Form Devastator.

MoonDust4491d ago

Goog dominates that part of the market, MSFT is just making their move to stay ahead.

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