Bach: Wii not competition, Sony facing challenges

Microsoft's President of Entertainment and Devices Division Robbie Bach has taken a dig at the competition, saying that the Wii isn't competition to the 360 and predicting a tough road ahead for the PS3.

Speaking in an interview with, Bach said he was unsurprised at Nintendo's success, proclaiming "Nintendo and Microsoft are clearly in the driver's seat on what's happening in this generation". However, there was a sting in the tail, with Bach going on to explain that he didn't see the Wii and 360 as being in direct competition with one another.

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Darth Gamer4486d ago

I really don't see what is so wrong with his comments. Both are pretty much true. The 360 and the WII are not in direct compitition and the PS3 does have a up hill battle as of now. I think everyone can agree no matter what side you are backing. (that is if you are backing only one side) I myself like all three and will be getting a PS3 as soon as more games worth paying 600$ comes out. Right now, I am very pleased with my 360 with enough games to keep me busy until 2009. I will say that this is the first Nintendo console that I will not be getting though. The WII-mote gameplay does not excite me and any game (ZELDA) that I do want to play will also hopefully come out on the cube.

Juevani4486d ago

jajajaja so did charlie brown say his not a crack head but that doesnt make it true cus he smoke like a motheraaaaa, u na mean...

Maddens Raiders4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

are you okay dude? That might've been the actual first time I've seen someone drunk-post to this site. Seriously dude: -- "jajajaja so did charlie brown say his not a crack head but that doesnt make it true cus he smoke like a motheraaaaa." -- No, really man, I've heard better English from Yao Ming. Sounds like you were sleep-typing. Ok a/w who cares?

On point: - another retarded, "observational" and "this is what they should do" article from the all seeing eye Mr. Robbie Bach. Zzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzz. Bummer.

I've gotta get me one of those fancy time machine thinga-ma-jiggers. That way I can write articles that aren't pulled directly from my anus. Old news.

Good day.

Boink4486d ago

this guy is quicky turning into another kaz/phil:)

LoveHateTragedy4486d ago

once the Wii surpasses 360 sales figures (or the PS3 for that matter).

kewlkat0074486d ago

the sales figures. Since its so early to tell. If the Wii does not get great third-party games, I think the sales will plateau at some point. While the PS3 an d360 gets some good Next-Gen games, so they will continue to sell.

Right now the Wii is selling but, I'm just not sure how long. If some great games come out, then it will crush the other 2 because of its price point.

The 360 is going against the PS3 when it comes to games and online entertainment, and if the PS3 cannot bring down its prices, it just might fold.

ItsDubC4486d ago

I don't think his story has to change. Even when the Wii outsells the 360, his argument about the two consoles not being competitors will still hold.

Odion4486d ago

No need to get into this fight again this news was posted last week

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The story is too old to be commented.