GamePlanet Review - Batman: Arkham Asylum

GamePlanet: We've been eagerly waiting for this Batman release for some time now, and fortunately we weren't disappointed. Developer Rocksteady Studios has created an exemplary game that, whilst not without flaws, will keep fans happy for months to come.


The gameplay/controls are simple but perfect for what they are trying to do. Fun story to follow. The Joker is awesome. You really feel like Batman. Lots to do and explore. Tons of wonderful toys to play with. Good mix of stealth and combat. Some fun boss fights. Challenge rooms that allow you to get straight to the action.


Riddles and hidden items can ruin the pacing. Some riddles may make you feel like you are missing something when in fact they cannot be solved/found until you reach a certain plot point. Lots of boring backtracking to find items. Gargoyle statues can simplify stealth gameplay a bit too much.

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DonCorneo3561d ago

OMG bestest gane of the yyear..

the simplified stealth gameplay is a downer that only appeals to casual gamers.. then the game is only 9-10 hours long