LOTR Battle For Middle Earth Achievements Revealed

For those gamers who love achievement points, you might be a bit disappointed to read the news that follows this link. But heres the achievement list for LOTR

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AIan5801d ago

Hummm wonder why only 705 Gamerpoints... can we say Downloadable content? oh well.. 35 is a good number to shoot for!

ACE5801d ago

another game i will be adding to my collection ,,,

next up PRAY summer is all coverd nice!!!!

Asylumchild5801d ago

I wanted to buy this but don't know how good its going to be Iv never played eny of the old ones but it looks cool if enyone bought this today tell me how it is.

MikeIsOnFire845800d ago

I just got it today and its great so far!