Star Wars: TFU Ignoring Return of the Jedi... For Now

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition is due out this holiday season and will feature new content, which is non-canonical. The first episode will look at how the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, was affected by the death of Darth Vader, whereas the second episode will look at events in the Empire Strikes Back.

What about the addition of Return of the Jedi?

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Kyll3563d ago

damn, I wanted to toast some of those little ewaaks

mephman3563d ago

Haha, I'm sure their time will come.

Selyah3563d ago

indeed, little gits deserve it :O

Polluted3563d ago

I didn't find the Ewoks really took anything away from the film. They may have been a little too cutesy for their own good, but they never felt tacked on like Jar Jar Binks. I actually remember being pretty fond of the little guys as a kid. Sure, I got over it with age, but are they really that annoying?

morganfell3563d ago

That game has more to worry about than Return of the Jedi. How about all the other non-canonical crap? How about moving and using the force at the same time. You know a game has issues when it gets pwned by the game mechanics of a decade old predecessor.

ps3d03563d ago

Well we dont know how the new content is but my guess is that the dark apprentice kills luke in cloud city. They cant comeout and say anything with out givnign away the ending to the game. Vader could of killed luke but he couldnt kill his son.

As for the Ewoks and Jar Jar hate I find it fun that people hate them so much. I seen return of the jedi when I was 4 so I loved the ewoks. I went with my niece and nephew to see the phathom mence when they were like 5-7 and they loved Jar jar. People dont seem to get it star wars is a family movie Ewoks and Jar Jar were for the kids.

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Havocmak3r3563d ago

IDK how this would work, unless they totally remade episode 6.
If in episode 5 DLC, if he does kill Luke, and he already killed Vader, then episode 6 wouldn't make sense.

If no luke or vader in episode 6, then what would u do or fight in the DLC?

I'm thinking if you dont kill LUKE in the dlc, that will lead into episode 6, and instead of the battle between luke vs vader vs emperor, it would be luke vs APPRENTICE vs Emperor. So would be the same as Episode 6, just replacing the story of vader but with the secret apprentice.

Make sense?

ZOMBIEMAN13563d ago

or maybe Luke escapes and good guys win episode 5 and episode 6 Luke would give in to the darkside kill the apprentice and be the new sith lord