Sony: Slim leads to path towards profitability

Examiner: "The recently announced slim model will apparently make the Playstation 3 business more profitable for Sony."

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Sunny_D3556d ago

If Sony weren't making profit then why the hell would they make a slim PS3 and cut the price to 300 dollars? Surely, they weren't going to lose even more money. That article with the analyst my @ss, just look at Michael Patcher.

N4GAddict3556d ago

That analyst must be referring to the old models with the new price point.

FamilyGuy3556d ago

This new system and price cut well before the holiday season is great for them to increase sales matched with the bad press M$ is currently getting over the new rrod claim percentage everything is looking up. No more of the "waiting for a price drop" excuse for a large number of people, games are here and more are coming, the new firmware 3.0 has a significant leg up on the visual look of of the 360s dash board (how's that for "boring").

All things are looking good, i can't wait to get an animated bg just for showing off purposes. Maybe I'll just have a slide show of nice looking backgrounds instead of a short looping video/1080p gif.

RememberThe3573556d ago

With all the talking about them lowering production costs by 70%, I think we all figured that the Slim was Sony's way of making a profitable console.

SoapShoes3556d ago

Everyone aside from analysts. :D

Envy273556d ago

I'm so happy with how much sony is trying soo hard to get the point out to everyone.
Buy a ps3, you wont be dissapointed.

skeletonss3556d ago

im sure sony is really really happy that YOUR happy. wtf is wrong with you man?

eagle213556d ago

You guys deserve everything. MS can take their xbox and stick it where the RROD don't shine!

skeletonss3556d ago

WTF is wrong with you people?? Do you ever pause and read what you write afterwards?