God of War 2 press party Video: Eat from a dead goat?

Here is a video from the God of War 2 press party, including the contest which stirred controversy over the use of a dead goat. Watch for yourself to see how the goat was involved, and whether contestents did actually have to eat from it.

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yocdub4183d ago

Well so this was sort of a geeky version of Fear Factor that was blown way out of proportion. Thanks over zealous internet idiots for turning a mountain out of a lame molehill.

Neutral Gamer4183d ago

Just goes to show that you shouldn't listen to tabloid media, especially newspapers such as the Daily Mail in the UK which is notorious for being anti-gaming and having a go at anything which appears to threaten their high sense of middle class morality!

What about all the people who last week kicked the boot in and took the sides of the over the top media outcry against the God of War team and Sony?

It'd be great to start seeing people apologising and admit they were shortsighted now that they've seen the story in context. But will this happen is the real question?

techie4183d ago

Nope. Sony's the favorite scape goat (haha) at the moment.

Bigmac5734183d ago

that news is slow...ZZzzZzzzzZZzz

candystop4183d ago

Now that looked like a bunch of fun sort of like something at the renaissance festival! That dude playing Kratos looked pretty freaking huge though and definitely someone I would think twice about bumping heads with lol! Honestly though I don't see what all the negative press was about when this was meant to be fun!

Violater4183d ago

another boring week. sigh.....

techie4183d ago

oh how wrong you are...announcements of new games coming soon.

Also...this video is actually very important on the gaming news. As it shows that all those reports were way off base. "eating from the goat"...uh!

Firewire4183d ago

Deep you can't leave us hanging like that!
Come on, give us a little taste will you?
Anything on Eight Days out there?
More Killzone maybe?

techie4183d ago

Well I think it's known that we'll hear more about Warhawk and LittleBigPlanet this week. And new PSN games will be announced...but I can't say anymore than that.

Firewire4183d ago

LBP news would be awesome.
Warhawk would be welcome as well!
But have you heard anything on Eight Days? IGN I think
listed it as a Dec 2007 release, wich I'm starting
to doubt because we haven't seen anything since the last E3 !

techie4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

You havent even heard of many of the games that will be released this year...because they haven't been announced yet. So I'd say that's worse than not seeing any new media from 8days.

We'll see...I feel some videos of Uncharted coming on though... well at least some information (hoping for more)...oh and Ratchet media blow out again this month.

Might hear some stuff on WarDevil soon as well.

Firewire4183d ago

Thanx Deep!
Some unknown games for this year!
I can't wait

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