Amazon UK and Play cut PSP price by a further £10

It appears that the official price cut a couple of weeks ago just wasn't good enough for some people with UK online retailers, and, both going one step further and dropping the price down to £119.99.

Both retailers have the white version of the portable console for the new lower price, and Amazon have the pink version available as well. This puts the price at only £20 more than a Nintendo DS.

Also, Amazon are letting users buy a PSP bundled with a game for only £139.99, according to an e-mail they sent, although this hasn't been confirmed yet.

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Babylonian4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

I want to get a PSP, but I'm still waiting for a redesigned PSP. I know it's coming even though Sony denied it. They denied it because they want to get rid of their old stock. I even own 3 UMD movies and Killzone: Liberation and I don't even have a PSP yet.....Just hate to get one right now and feel screwed after I hear a new PSP slimline is on the market.

I predict that Sony is going to announce the redesign during this year's E3, cause if they don't than it will be hard resisting to get a PSP with all these price cuts. Even the games and movies are getting cheap, the movies are 10 euro or below and some games such as killzone and tekken were 52,95 euro and now only 19,95 euro!!! Thats fricking sweet (the reason I got killzone, would have got tekken but what's the point if I can't play it, will get it when I have my PSP though...hehe).