Rumor: Discount Xbox 360 Elite Halo 3 bundle coming to Canada

Another day, another Xbox 360 Elite price cut rumor. This time, said gossip comes to us in the form of a tipster (who wishes to remain anonymous), whose unnamed Canadian retail outlet is adding a new SKU to its store shelves -- a $349.99 Xbox 360 Elite bundle which includes a copy of Halo 3 and a network adapter. Considering both of those items still carry fairly hefty price tags, that's one heck of a deal.

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socomnick3557d ago

Wonder if this bundle will go for 300 in the US. I know games cost more in Canada.

N4GAddict3557d ago

I doubt it. Isn't the wireless adapter $100?

Above Awesome3557d ago

Nah, the MS adapter is around $80, but at that price is still a monsterous rip off. Xbox compatible wireless bridges cost $20 from Future Shop, Best Buy or Radioshack... actually I think Radioshack is called "The Shack" now.

I use wired at home but on the move I use my laptop as a wireless bridge.

Headshot813557d ago

I just dont like MS. All companies try to take advantage of comsumers, but MS really thicks me off. I wouldn't buy another 360(had one,i think it was 2006). They dont fix their sh!t . We have too many [email protected] dumbasses who are buying 2-3 xbox's so when one gets rrod'ed, they can keep on gaming. Now why would MS fix a console when they know they will loose all that extra $sales$ from the additional xboxes these [email protected] dumbasses are buying. They wont provide us with one functional xbox. That was my main problem with MS and their cutomers. If you only got one, dont buy another, well its actually already too late. No offense again, this isn't directed at the people who boought a 360, its directed only towards MS.

LordMarius3557d ago

Ok, but I will still have to pay another $50 to play it, since the single player sucks, NO BUY

Sunny_D3557d ago

True true, Halo CE was much better in terms of story. Oh yeah, I forgot it had no online. Just shows you that developers gimp on the story for multiplayer.

Above Awesome3557d ago

Halo 3 was fun. I enjoyed it. Multiplayer is the draw though.

I don't know why you buy Live for $50 when you could always find deals on CAG to buy Live cards for $30 each.

TheDeadMetalhead3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

The PC version of Halo: CE has online...

But yeah, you have a point. Why is it so difficult to make an FPS with good multiplayer and a decent single player mode/story? The Resistance games had both, but of course it got spat on because it was PS3-exclusive. >.>

Anyway, that seems like a pretty good deal since that would cost about $80 more if you bought it seperately. Still, I can't help but think this bundle is a year or two late. XD

Jerk1203557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

This is good.

Now my canadian brethren can experience the paradise that comes with the Xbox360.

topgeareasy3557d ago

paradise you me horror or a wasteland (RROD and E74)

Pistolero3557d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to call it paradise...but it does offer some damn fine gaming experiences and the best online service.

Halo_Reach3557d ago

its better than anything in Ps3 so what are u talking about ? LOL

Sunny_D3557d ago

This is far enough. You need to get banned. I have seen you in the gamerzone with your fanboy talk. If you wanted to say sh1t like that, GO TO THE OPEN ZONE! Besides, MGS4 and UDF beg to differ.

FlipMode3557d ago

Uncharted and metal gear say whats up

Above Awesome3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

To be honest, the best game on any console right now is Fight Night Round 4 or UFC 09: Undisputed. By my own biased. ;)

@Everything above and below me: LMFAO LIST WARZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOGOGOGOGO!

foxtheory3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

And I'm guessing you've never played a PS3 game long enough to know what a good single player is. Halo's single player is okay, but fanboys like you act like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

mrv3213557d ago

Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank

Pistolero3557d ago

sunnyd..I've seen you say things just as why aren't you banned?
Anyway..both consoles have some great games....I do love Halo 3 single player's a blast.

Wakka_3557d ago

LOL @ MGS4. I dont find watching hours and hours of melodramatic cutscenes as fun.

-MD-3557d ago

MGS4 was pretty awful.

TheDeadMetalhead3557d ago

Resistance says hi.

Also, lol @ 360 trolls in Gamer Zone

Lifendz3557d ago

and I don't enjoy repetitive gameplay involving characters that look like something Rob Liefeld drew with dialogue reminiscent of a bad 80s action flick. To each their own eh?

sparta763556d ago

Yes, halo story sucks!!!
Uncharted says "HELLO"

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Sunny_D3557d ago

^^^^^ Is it worth checking out what he said by removing ignore? NAH...

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