Gaming Union: Trials HD Review

Gaming Union: "With all the good things about this game, there are however some things to consider. This game is pretty difficult for people who aren't used to stunt games and players may find themselves becoming more and more frustrated with the controls. Also, while the customization feature is impressive, it can be quite tedious. Be sure to put aside at least two hours to make a successful working track.

With all negatives aside, this game is definitely one to check out. It's a clear step forward in the Xbox Live Arcade industry and it's great to have when competing against online friends. Just be sure to have a few band-aids ready since those gasoline tanks can be quite troublesome."

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Kyll3556d ago

oh man, I completely forgot about this!

Selyah3556d ago

i think i played this a few months ago on the PC, found it quite awkward oO