Production cost of PS3 could be cut by US$100

As blue-laser pick-up heads (PUHs) for use in the PlayStation 3 (PS3) are expected to increase in supply and decrease in price, the production cost of the game console could be reduced by as much as US$100, according to Taiwan-based makers of game consoles and components.

Sony Shiroishi Semiconductor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony, on April 23 announced an expansion of its monthly production capacity of blue-violet laser diodes, a key component of HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) PUHs, to 1.7 million diodes as well as the beginning of volume production of 240mW (milliwatts) blue-violet laser diodes in November of 2007. This will greatly increase the supply of blue-laser PUHs at lower prices, the sources indicated, noting the reduction of costs could reach US$100.

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techie4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Well those numbers are out of date. ANd not the prices Sony would be buying them for anymore. Plus the board has changed...(unless we're talking about the old US 60gb models...which shouldn't be relevant for future production costs)

What are the "other components" for the ps3 - that apparently cost $150...?

Yes I just visited iSuppli (provided the numbers)...and their PS3 costs are still the ones from last year.

nix4487d ago


Diselage4487d ago

But they are still losing money on every console sold so why would they cut the price.

TriggerHappy4487d ago

now if this was to happen. OMG. i think almost everyone would get a ps3.

DEEP: The source is credited at where is been posted. and the main source has been added as an alternate link 2.

techie4487d ago

Yeah I like it like that :) thanks dude.

Price cut and games yup yup yup...oh and rumble. Price cut in UK has basically occured. £399 is the most common price (as it should have been)...with a free HDMI cable :)

Xeoset4487d ago

The only reason the PS3 is priced so lowly is because stores aren't selling stock. I live in the East Anglia region and every store in my city has signs in the streets saying they've got PS3's for cheap. I've seen them priced at £380 + 2 games. I've got pictures dated from the past 2 weeks showing my local Argos (The largest retail store in the UK) showing they have around 55 in store each week. It's great that it's cheap but don't twist it like it's a price drop because they're selling so many.

techie4487d ago

No twisting dude. The reason the ps3 is not selling is simply because of its pricee. You can sell a console without games with a lower price (Wii) a drop in price, although because sales aren't on par, is also a good it's the ps3's biggest weakness.

Diselage4487d ago

Deep I really don't feel price is the only thing keeping the PS3 on the shelves, the game line up is still weak just like any freshman console.

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THAMMER14487d ago

But that aint everything they still need some games. A price cut would make it a softer blow just to go buy, but there is no flare to any other gamers outside of Sony only people or brand loyal customers.

Babylonian4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

How can say that there ain't no good games for the PS3. By now you already must know the top titles for the PS3 but I'm just going to name a few:
- Warhawk
- Heavenly Sword
- Lair
- Assasin's creed (I know it's multi but that ain't the issue, a good game is a good game)
- GTA VI (same as the above)
- Little Big Planet

Anyway, you know the list so I'm not going to continue. But if these games aren't enough for the broader audience you talk about, don't forget that SingStar, PSeye, Home (hey....some like these kind of things that look like Sims or Secondlife, I personally don't but it's interesting to take a look at it. Maybe I or you will like it) and other cool things that are coming to atract the broader audience.

I don't want to bash the 360 but what games are there on the 360? Almost the same as the PS3. Gears - Resistance, PGR - Motorstorm, DOA - VF5. I don't care if some like Gears more than Resistance or the other way around, that's personal flavour. But the point is they are quite equal on games now.

The 360 has some sweet games coming too:
- Forza
- Halo 3
- Mass Effect
- Bioshock
- Assasin's Creed

And i think you know this list too, so again I won't continue. For the games at the current situation, the 360 and PS3 are the same.

Where it will come down to is just what you said, the broader audience. Sony is working towards that, but what is MS doing. I think we will hear many things during E3 from both. I personally have a favor for Sony because I am seeing that they really are listening to the consumer now than they were in the beginning and are trying to do their best to win the audience, but thats just my opinion.

Ohh and sorry for the long comment.

NikV34487d ago

it coasts $323 to make an elite, and they sell it for $473, well i guess they gotta make profit somehow, and even after seeing that after i get my ps3 im still gonna trade my xbox in to get an elite lol, i just like the color