Gaming Union: Championship Manager 2010 Preview

Championship Manager has a very illustrious history in the world of gaming, but a few years ago there was a divide created. Football Manager was created as an off-shoot and since then, Championship Manager has been seen as the title attempting to play catch-up, until now.

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Selyah3556d ago

Sounds like they are going all out in this one then ^^

Kyll3556d ago

does this come out in North America?

mephman3556d ago

I don't think it does actually.

zerojkm3556d ago

if you head over to http://www.championshipmana... you can pay what you want for the game just now.

A HiFi3556d ago

Yup, was just gonna mention that. Add Season Live to the package, and I'd pay about a tenner for it (£2.50 + £5.00 Season Live + £2.50 card charge). But I reckon I could live without Season Live...would still give them £7.50 or something.