Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition looks great in 720p

Back in March, a YouTube user posted a few videos of Wii games running in 720p. This was done using a Wii PC emulator called Dolphin. And most recently, photos of Super Mario Galaxy in 720p surfaced. Now, using the Dolphin emulator once again, screenshots of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition have been taken.

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Chubear3562d ago

... what the hell ever. How does this hel... oh forget about it.

Nitrowolf23562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

if only the Wii could run 720P, those screens look nice

knox3562d ago

i bet some people are gonna think that it looks crappy still but i disagree, it looks good

TheAntiFanboy3562d ago

The character models look good. The terrain? Not so much.

x-fix-x3562d ago

IMO it almost looks as great as gears 2

Chubear3561d ago you've got to be high. It's an upgrade from Valkaria Chronicles at best lol

guacman883562d ago

That looks pretty good not bad, if this is fanmade how about Nintendo hire these people to make a couple games

ChickeyCantor3562d ago

Its "Assignment Ada", play the game, enjoy it now.

TheAntiFanboy3562d ago

"Or" does not equal "are".

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The story is too old to be commented.