Team Xecuter's PS3 HDXT launched

A couple of days ago, featured a video demonstrating Team Xecuter's PS3 Hard Drive Xtender (HDXT). This console accessory allows PlayStation 3 owners to buff up their PS3's internal SATA space with external (and hopefully beefier) hard drive, bet it an IDE or SATA kit.

So how far along is the team on their project? A quick trip to Divineo indicates some good news - the PS3 (HDXT) is now on sale for a sum of US$ 24.95 per unit. In addition to this news, the team has also released a separate Sata to IDE converter.

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rbanke4487d ago

I dont get it, arent you able to upgrade the hard drive in the ps3's without this? (I thought even the manual gives instructions on how to do so)

Frulond4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

You can just upgrade it yourself, the manual has all the info. As for me if I need more space I'll get an external HDD for backups, using one of those SATA to USB boxes :P

or... maybe I'll just get a bigger HDD xD

VirtualGamer4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

If you want to upgrade your HDD in the PS3 you have to use a 2.5" HDD also know as a laptop HDD. These are usually more expensive and do not give you the option to go for as much storage space as offered by a 3.5" HDD which are for desktop computers.

Example - from one of my local pc stores the larges 2.5" HDD I can buy would be a Seagate 160GB Momentus 5400.3 SATA 2.5in HDD w/ 8MB Cache for $139.95 CDN.

Where if I could go with a 3.5" HDD I could get the following, Seagate 400GB Barracuda 7200.10 SATA II w/ NCQ, 16MB Cache for $129.95 CDN.

Max size in the 3.5' is a 750GB HDD for $379.95

This device allows you to hook up a 3.5" HDD to your PS3 if you want to save some money or go for a larger HDD then you could get otherwise.

rbanke4487d ago

Ah, thanks i never realised it was a 2.5 drive

Maddens Raiders4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Virtual I think that the 750G (as discussed in Nov - Dec 2006) upgrade is substantial (needless to say kick a$$), but for $400 is not a reasonable choice for most on the site.

A 160G upgrade is probably the most anyone is going to need for the next three years as there aren't many games / dems/ vids eating at the last available mem on the OEM - HDD right now (if they are you've got bigger probs) and doesn't look like they will be anytime soon. I think the release of the Sata to IDE converter is pretty cool though. I'm going to look into this myself. Good work Team X!

hektop4487d ago

I just added an external 160GB HDD to the PS3 this weekend with no problems at all. I bought the "my book" HDD and just plug it in the PC. Created 3 folderd MUSIC, MOVIES, PICTURES (all in caps) and was ready to go. So now I have 220 GB

VirtualGamer4487d ago

Cool stuff hektop. I was thinking of doing this as well but I have a question if you don't mind. I know for PC's external HDD are great for storage and backing things up but to actually run programs its better to have them installed on the internal HDD then the external simply because the data transfer rate is greater on a internal drive then thru a USB connected external HDD. I am just wondering if storing your music, photos and movies on a external drive has any kind of performance hit when viewing them on your TV thru the PS3 versus if they are on the internal HDD?

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