20° Lost Planet 2 gameplay and impression writes: "I for one can attest to the many great things the first Lost Planet achieved. However, I can just as quickly conjure a list of all the things it did rather poorly. Regardless, Lost Planet was one of the first real games where you could clearly see that it was impossible to do on the previous generation of systems. Its successor, Lost Planet 2 isn't due out anytime soon but looks to have shaved off the dead weight and added completely new gameplay while seemingly keeping it all familiar."

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Blaster_Master3558d ago

They fixed the controls, added better particle effects, obviously bigger epic battles, and 4 player coop. We have a winner and the game isn't even close to being out yet. BTW, I love getting eaten by the huge salamander and fighting your way through its insides. That was one of the coolest gaming experiences Ive ever had in my life.

Sk8boyP3558d ago

This is a game where you DEFINITELY see improvements over it's predecessor, Lost Planet was a great game, and LP2 looks to be AWESOME! Everything looks and feels better/more awesome. I'm really looking forward to this baby!