Beating a Dead Horse: Redesigning the JRPG

Here's the list of changes Bitmob would like to see happen in the genre, some more so than others. Before you get angry from their generalized point of view, please remember that this list is based on their experiences and that they are well aware that some JRPGs have addressed these issues.

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Ninji3559d ago

Turn-based gameplay might have been fine a long time ago but after playing real time JRPGS I just can't go back to a turn-based game (unless it's a classic for the nostalgia). I'd rather have an all real time battle system than a crappy redesigned turn-based system.

Chris3993559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Basically, he wants a Western RPG. Doesn't that kind of defeat the point?

I play JRPGs because the ARE different. They have quirky characters and styles and over the top plot-lines. This push from Eastern developers for the Westernization of EVERYTHING (see Square Enix) saddens me. I'm glad though that there are still a few decent companies across all the platforms that are supporting the genre while maintaining it's integrity.

Would you want a Madden game to be, you know, less "footballish"? No. So leave the JRPG alone. If you don't like their exotic and frivolous nature, don't play them, simple enough.

What would I like to see, moving forward? How about some more JRPGs made by Western developers? Some modern day games like Silver or Septerra Core. There's a way to get a fresh take on the genre without destroying it. See what talented developers can do with the JRPG cannon. Honor and modify the structure without destroying it completely.

/end ramble :)

Sorry, but I've been playing JRPGs for most of my life now, I'm a little passionate about the genre.