Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Staff Article: WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?

Resume Play - Stephen Rosenbeg writes "In the coming forth of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, we have asked our writers to take a second and think about the question that MUA2 is asking everyone, "Who's side are you on?". The game is based on the super hero civil war that is started when a reality TV show goes wrong and a super-powered terrorist blows up a school killing hundreds. The government immediately enforces the Super Hero Registration Act, making all super-humans register their identities and powers with the government. Tony Stark/Iron Man is in charge of this government operation, while Captain America believes it is robbing meta-humans from their freedom and decides to rebel. Here are some of our writers responses when asked who they would be during the civil war, and which side they would choose. Feel free to comment and let us know what you pick! Continue reading Staff Article: Who's Side Are You On?"

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dariusy3557d ago

It looks like Captain America is getting most of the support in this case...

SRosenberg3557d ago

Mostly because he was obviously the right one...and did a lot less shady things than Tony Stark. lol

stoppre3557d ago

That was a very interesting article and I don't know crap about comics. lol

CheatsMcGee3557d ago

Cap was obviously the cooler one to go with here. I mean, who doesn't love Captain America? Haha, nah, I like me some Iron Man too, I don't think I can say which one I like better out of him and Cap.

dariusy3557d ago

I'll tell you who doesn't like Captain America... THE COMMUNISTS

ZebraFail3557d ago

Yes the Punisher. sure he is mentally unstable, but really it doesn't matter how stable or not he is, he knows the difference between right and wrong...mostly. More importantly he knows what needs done with people who decide to use their powers for evil; They need to be shot. To hell with imprisoning them. What good did that ever do? If either side of the conflict is right, its the rebels. A mutant registration act will do more harm than good, and the best part is, the villains will still blow up children. In closing, kill them hoes.

SRosenberg3557d ago

Agreed. The Punisher does kill some of the villains they hire to track down Spider-Man when he defers....then he gets his ass beat by Captain America and kicked off the rebel side. KICKED OFF THE REBEL SIDE.

cjohnston3557d ago

Was my first choice, but I didn't want to pick the jerk who vaporizes all the kids.

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