The shrinking game console: A history

Josh Lowensohn of CNET writes:

"Sony's announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim on Tuesday was no surprise for most gamers and industry experts. Parts that once cost a small fortune, such as hard drives, processors, and special disc-reading lenses, continue to fall in price and take up less space. It's only natural the machines that use them would shrink as well.
So is it normal to release a heavily revised version of a gaming system within three years of the initial release? It depends on who you are. Let's take a look at some notable shrinkage from the last three generations of consoles. I think that you'll notice a trend."

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Saaking3559d ago

"Does that mean it'll creep even lower, into two-year or even yearly cycles between major revisions? Quite possibly, yes."

How stupid can Cnet get? Yet another anti-ps3 article.

chaosatom3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

their next article is going to be

"Can PS3 turn into a ipod? Quite possibly, yes. "

Zedux3559d ago

pre-order PS3 slim for just 229 pounds and it top the charts!!

3557d ago
lordkemp0073559d ago

I read up to the part where it said CNET, then somehow i lost the will to carry on.

Myst3559d ago

Lol! that made me laugh :p

SoapShoes3559d ago

"It also ran quieter than older versions, which was Sony's nod to the fact that many were using the system primarily as a DVD player."

That's the bullest sheete I've ever read! Not only does the PS3 get claims that people only use it as a Blu Ray player, now the PS2 gets the same claims? What is wrong with the media?

3557d ago
Mr Tretton3559d ago

CNET = owned by Microsoft.


supremacy3559d ago

this was actually quite a good article, nothing offensive or fanboish in it, i mean sony is the more consistant with hardware revisions and the guy is right about the value of the slim next to the wii.

in my opinion i think it was a good article. i dont like cnet, but i must say it was a good read and very informative none of the less.