Microsoft defends infamous red ring of death

San Francisco (CA) - Microsoft has responded to a recent survey that claimed the Xbox 360 was plagued by a 54 percent failure rate. Although Microsoft termed the Xbox 360 a "superior console," the company conceded that it was "constantly improving" the unit's design.

"Microsoft stands behind the Xbox 360 as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry," TG Daily was told by a Microosft spokesperson. "We are constantly improving the design, manufacture and performance of the console through extensive testing of potential sources of any problems. Xbox 360 is pleased to maintain the title of 'most played console' and the vast majority of Xbox 360 customers have enjoyed a terrific gaming and entertainment experience since their first day, and continue to, day in and day out."

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PirateThom4853d ago

"The very first SKU had about a 16 percent fail rate."


morganfell4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Let me add to that...Hahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha!

PirateThom4853d ago

What I like about that statement is that it's not Microsoft, it's someone who goes on to accuse Sony fanboys of skewing the results, even though everyone and their dog knows the failure rate has NEVER been that low.

Trollimite4853d ago

hahahahahahaha!!!! really???? is that the bes they can do! tell a lie then, blame someone else! who thought of that??? a little kid??

4853d ago
JonnyBigBoss4853d ago

More like a 16% non-failure rate. I'd be surprised if it were under 50%.

Unicron4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

C'mon Thom, didn't you know the media is in fact NOT biased at all, and it's merely PS3 fanboys that are conspiring against everything? Here, check out this proof from Kotaku!

"In light of one million unique users still playing this game's multiplayer every day, Halo 3's narrow "Yes" plurality can likely be attributed to polarized views about the title's perceived importance, or lack of it, to gaming at large, and its close association with both Microsoft and the Xbox 360. In other words, a fanboy effect. Again, this is an unscientific survey with opt-in respondents coming from a specific readership, so no one expects 100 percent. But we're very opinionated around here, and these numbers seem to reflect more a weariness with the game's exposure than its quality of gameplay."

So because one million people still play it, clearly Sony fanboys have skewed this result AND the RROD results! God forbid someone doesn't care for Halo, they MUST be a fanboy!!!

The 360 is a great system with a great online service saddled with the worst build quality ever, something no gamer should have to deal with. The media meanwhile... is TOTALLY QUALITY at every turn, in no way biased and always truthful!

And yes, I'm being sarcastic and pointing out how stupid the media is.

NothingToGainButLove4853d ago

"Microsoft stands behind the Xbox 360 as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry,"

LMAO. How can you possibly say that with pride?

Megaton4853d ago

The most definitive warranty of this generation.

FlatulentGhost4853d ago

""The very first SKU had about a 16 percent fail rate."


Just when you think Microsoft can't possibly blow it any worse, they make a stupid blunder like this.

Right now the damage control meme from Xbox fans is that:

1. Microsoft owned up to the RRoD fiasco

2. Make up a story about how they had 5 PS2s die on them

3. Possibly throw in a 'my launch 360 is still working perfectly' if they are feeling brave

And here goes Microsoft blowing that damage control right out of the water by going back to their old denial of the massive extent of the problem like they did for the first 1.5 to 2 years.

iamtehpwn4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

and I used to think that RROD would never happen to me. IT WILL happen to you eventually due to X-clamp.

I've own more consoles then anyone you can think of including a Turbo Grafx 16 and Sega Saturn. I own every console this generation, and last generation. and I've NEVER EVER had a console break on me till 360.
Honestly, having a console break on me is baffling, and whats worse is Microsoft's response.

morganfell4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Letr me see if I understand this. In order to point out that Sony fanboys are skewing the truth and the 360 is being maligned, you quote Kotaku.

You are of course intimately aware of the hatred Kotaku has for Sony? No? And you are aware of the events as they transpired that led to such vitriol.

You might as well quote Ted Bundy on the value of morality and virtue.

The most definitive warranty of this generation? You mean the warranty that was only provided because the Federal Trade Commission was on the verge of an ordered recall. And a warranty is half way to worthless when you consider the quality of the warranty service itself.

BWS19824853d ago

ultimate warranty they like to boast about only covers some of the defects, and for 3 years, why brag about that? The norm is no warranty and almost no defects, with the intent to keep a console for years on end.

Tony P4853d ago

The "best warranties"? What the hell. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence in saying your machine is well-built. The 360 is many things, but reliable, no.

It's so laughable for them to say this because the 360 has at least one more well known defect in the form of its disc drive. Which is doubly unforgivable if you remember the original Xbox suffered the SAME problem. Hardware just isn't their strength.

Unicron4853d ago

But Morgan, why would Kotaku lie? Clearly PS3 owners are the root of the downfall of the economy too! The media never lies!

ActionBastard4853d ago

They've produced broken hardware for almost 4yrs now, but Sony is the bad guy. It's comedy.

Panthers4853d ago

EVEN if that 16% was true, it is not something MS should be proud of. That is still a horrendous failure rate.

Blaze9294853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

I still dont get how 5000 gameinformer readers are the equivalent to the 23+ million 360s sold thus making it at the 54% failure rate. That's like polling two people where lets say both have had rrod before, would the failure rate of two people then make the general percent 100%?

Maybe I'm not getting something here, if someone would like to explain that I'd appreciate it.


Disagrees? and still no replies? Geeze the users on this site fail so much sometimes.

coolirisGB4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Always the same 5 or 6 trolls in the same articles that will have a lot of eyes on it.

PirateThom/morganfell/saaking /Godmars290/FlipMode

These have to be the same person, there can't be that many people living here on this site with 8 to 10 bubbles when all they do is troll.

on topic
It's obvious PS3 fans throw the polls they do it with everything else. I don't think people claiming not to be idiots really thought RROD was anywhere close to 54% OR 20% Microsoft wouldn't be in the gaming business if over 50% of the consoles failed lol.

LOL at the PS3 fans trying to create reality on site known to be furthest from reality.

FlipMode4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Troll? you're calling ME a troll?

Sarcasm4853d ago

"It's obvious PS3 fans throw the polls they do it with everything else."

They sure do!

Just like the Forza 3 vs Gran Turismo 5 poll! Wow, GT5 won anyway. Let's just completely forget that Turn 10 offered anybody who voted for Forza 3 gets a free download in Forza 2!

/my name

Chubear4853d ago

He's lying thorough his teeth! It's been documented that the 360 actually had a 68% failure rate in it's first year on the market. But I found it funny that to make it seem much better he said 16% XD

If a MS employee is ready to admit to 16% failure then the real number must be pretty bad don't you think?

ActionBastard4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

coolirisGB is just 1 of the butthurt 360 owners that STILL defend the overpriced DVD player...that breaks...a lot.

IcyJoker1874853d ago

Cooliris's Butt MUST hurt.

PirateThom4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

You know, this is one piece of news I don't mind being called a troll over because the 360 is coming up on its 4th birthday and it still has crappy hardware, but people would much rather forget and bury their head in the sand. It's not a fanboy issue, if you loved the 360 you'd speak up about it and get a console with a build quality you've paid for.

Perhaps, it is they who are the trolls for allowing a company to get away with defective hardware for so long...

FlatulentGhost4853d ago

Let's just go back over just how bad Microsoft's actions were:

1. 360s were dying like mad in pre-launch store kiosks - Xbox fans screamed it was incompetent store employees. Microsoft did nothing

2. 360s were dying like mad at gaming magazine and news sites pre-launch. Xbox fans screamed they were just prototype units. Microsoft did nothing.

3. Microsoft went right ahead and shipped console hardware that was defective by design even though they knew that to be the case

4. Microsoft then went on to deny and lie about the extent of the problem for what? two years?

5. Finally after threat of class action lawsuits and being forced to implement a recall they finally agreed to fix the problem

And right there is the fundamental problem of Microsoft and the Xbox.

They have a fanbase that will put up with ANYTHING as long as they see it part of their Holy War Against Sony.

The rest of the gaming world just stands back in disbelief.

And perfectly explains why the Xbox and XBox 360 are selling at almost identical rates to the same countries and people.

Microsoft has created a 25 million or so size niche in the console market where those 25 million will buy anything Microsoft puts out and the remainder of the 200 million or so console gamers look on in disgust.

prunchess4853d ago

Did MS deny that the failure rate was as high as 54 percent? No. Very telling that!

I didn't see in the MS response what they calculate as the 360s failure rate either. And if they are improving the 360 design then why are there so many 360s still RROD-ing \ failing?

Wake up you gamers! MS plan to keep selling 360s with this design fault and others until they release their next console.

360 owners - You love your 360 - good, nobody wants to take them away from you but by not screaming blue murder at MS about its continued sale of such shoddily designed hardware and it's concealment of the 360 failure rate you are setting a very bad precedent for the industry that ALL US GAMERS may possibly fall a foul of in future console releases.

coolirisGB4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

RROD was 54% LMAO This is crazy only PS3 fans in a 360 article. I'v seen how sensitive you guys are as if defending Sony's momentum or lack there of since Gamescon.

Oh noes Microsoft won't let the lies you've hyped up persist, that's why this is really bothering you right? holy sh*t you would think this is a article bashing PS3 looking at the response.

Go do something kids hahahaha

FlipMode4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Ya know people say the poll doesn't matter but IGN/Game-spot/G4tv/Joystiq and many others reported it like it did. So obviously it means something.

Can't just throw it away claiming fanboys thats just stupid

Sarcasm4853d ago

Hello guys, I'm selling a brand new console called the YCircle 36,000! Please forgive me as of right now it has a 95% defect rate on the first few batches. But fear not, I offer a 30 year warranty on it. I stand by my console the YCircle as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry!

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But wait! There's more! Buy now in the next 10 minutes and I'll throw in a free fluffy dice!

Pre-Order now!

coolirisGB4853d ago

I'm not here to fight with you kids, I don't care what you have to say I know you wan't to fight. Like kids not getting attention.

Have fun hope PS3 can gain some ground lol.

FlipMode4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Yeah go ahead cooliris you weren't making much sense anyways.

coolirisGB4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Ass hurt?

I don't believe the lies and I'm wondering why Sony fanboys need 54% to be true when it has not mattered regardless of the rate.

Hope you can comprehend that.

FlipMode4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Out of the 2 of us I'm the one butthurt?

Ok got it. LOL

edit Below: look how mad cooliris is getting LOL

get mad at M$ not me

umair_s514853d ago

I like the name of your product

ElementX4853d ago

And look it's the fanboys with the first 8 posts....

coolirisGB4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Your malice towards Microsoft and the 360 isn't normal. When you do nothing with that account but troll and attack anyhting related to the 360 and Microsoft you are ass hurt, so yes. Are you lost? if you hate the 360 why do you troll the threads? Because you're ass hurt and bitter Sony/PS3 is in last place.

You being in here wasting all your comments proves you are an ass hurt PS3 fan just like the other 98% of them in here.

You don't make sense you troll everyday using 10 different accounts not to mention some old ones no longer in use, trying to convince other PS3 fanboys the 360 sucks? lol

ultimolu4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

"Microsoft stands behind the Xbox 360 as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry,"

...*falls over laughing*

Sure Microsoft, sure.

Oh, I've heard many tales of your corruption. Keep it're trying to fool the public but they'll catch up sooner or later.

And cooliris, don't have a heartattack there. As long as Microsoft doesn't get their act together, people will continue to make fun of their hardware.

Tee-hee, look at the disagrees! You're only cracking me up more!

FlatulentGhost4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Lies? Sony fanboys?

Just look at this giant train wreck of a thread from 360 owners:


The 360 owners posting on neogaf are mostly all long time posters due to the very long time it takes to get approved and then a fanatical effort on partisans to ferret out anyone who doesn't actually own the console they claim to

ZOMBIEMAN14853d ago

the answer is simple 360 fanboys just bend over and let MS do whatever the fvck they want the hardware failure is one of the reasons i haven't picked up a 360 but really ppl shouldn't put up with MS's sh!t it doesn't matter if you get a warranty and they'll fix it for free eventually the warranty will be gone than what you have to pay for the repair i don't about you guys but when i buy a console i buy it to play games for years not so it will break down in a few months or a year everyone just watch Classic Game Room HD on youtube see there RROD review ( and than the GROL = Green Ring of Life review just for fun ) the guy's Atari 2600 still works years after he got it and his 360 dies after 1 year .

and to cooliris dude get a fvcking brain do you really believe that nonsense PS3 fanboys are why the polls say it's so high really ? do you believe this conspiracy theory of yours ? god your fvcked up in the head and trust me i know when someone is fvcked up in the head

prunchess4853d ago

Now that's what I call a thread! 214 pages! you'd never see the like of that on N4G.

evrfighter4853d ago

there was probably one comment I've read so far that seemed to get it. Everything GameInformer is doing just completely WHOOSHED by everyones heads. Including Thom's who seemed to have got swept up in fanboy pride.

What TG Daily is doing is AMAZING for the gaming scene. To call out a company and force a response by the behemoth known as M$ is good for gamers. I can't stand the thought of companies knowingly putting out shoddy hardware because they know they can exploit gamers. This is the reason I will not buy a 360. I do not support this kind of policy.

The only good thing to come out of M$ being in the console market is that it forced Sony to drop prices sooner than they would have wanted and as a reaction to that the 360 elite dropped in price. Now is a good time to move on to next-gen if you hadn't done so already. I guarantee you won't become a fanboy due to buyer's remorse.

LazyDevs4853d ago

That is still not as bad as the PS2 failure rate.

FlatulentGhost4853d ago

I'm trying to remember his name or what to search for on neogaf, but it's been a least a couple years now I think.

But back before Microsoft admitted to the RRoD fiasco and were still lying about the problem, they actually had a guy from some astroturfing type company whose job it was to hang on on neogaf and 'manage' the RRoD fiasco while never letting anyone know that he was being paid by Microsoft.

He eventually stopped working for Microsoft and came clean and admitted it to neogaf. Got a tag under his name. He tried to play it off like golly! I'm just a regular guy like everyone else here, let's be friends.

Standard operating procedure for Microsoft and their astroturfing.

coolirisGB4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

The poll of 5 thousand people were asked if they had RROD.

There wasn't 54% failure when the problem wasn't addressed back two years ago, that's another flaw in the poll, was the poll tracking past or present when they were asking people which most were PS3 fanboys anyways lol.

I put that moron on ignore thank god.

FlatulentGhost4853d ago

"That is still not as bad as the PS2 failure rate."

How can you not realize that making up lies about the PS2 'being worse than the 360' is completely asinine way to try to deflect Microsoft Xbox 360 RRoD fiasco?

140 million of us have bought PS2s over the past decade...

Unicron4853d ago

I can taste Cool's tears.

mmmmm... tasty.

God I love this site.

FlipMode4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Aaaaaaaaaand cool is out of bubbles

thank god no more stupidity and Bias

edit: wow those disagrees came fast don't get mad at me

hitting that disagree button doesnt make the 360 failure rate go down sorry ;P

ultimolu4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Let me make something clear to you 360 faithfuls. The failure rate for the PS2 wasn't as bad as the 360. Accept the fact Microsoft built faulty hardware and stop dragging the PS2 into this. Unless you have proof, then I suggest keeping your traps shut.


ps3d04853d ago

well we can all see how stupid the fanboys are here obvious. So I sure making any post that does "RROD ftl" or "M$ sucks" and sone other idiotic remark is a waste of time but I do it anyways.

If you take this report about the failure rates seriously then you should try to look at the combine numers too. 71.6 of the people survey had a system that failure ? And how many people in this survey didnt know one of the 3 systems all ?

Ps3 brags about have a failure rate of less then 1% now its sudden up to almost 11% failure rate. (me this is worse then the 54% by 360 cause we already about rrod)

The wii has a much higher failure rate in this survey then reported before too.

If I took a survey from this site about the 360 failure rate I bet it well over 90% and I bet you around 5% of the people here even own one. think I'm wrote ?

""The very first SKU had about a 16 percent fail rate."


I stupid troll fanboy remark like that get 43 agrees and disagrees in the single digits.

Oh and btw the 16% survey is the only survey I've ever seen to you any kind of solid facts.

4853d ago
Maddens Raiders4853d ago

..."viral Sony gang"..?


Knightrid8084853d ago

After reading the responses in the link you provided, I'm speechless at how well they take being screwed over. They're spending their money on something they expect to break and here they are "Oh well, I have an arcade unit to keep me occupied until I get my other one sent back!"

Eddie201014853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Playing on the days in, not the days repair (not really a repair, you get a replacement with a refurb unit that has already failed at least once).

Anon19744853d ago

If it's not 54% Microsoft, then what is the failure rate? Personally I'm on my 4th 360 console. You can spout all you want about your superior console and your warranty (which was only 90 days at first, until you changed it to avoid a flood of lawsuits) but if that number is wrong, then what was the failure rate before and what is it now? If you fixed the problem, shouldn't that be something you would let consumers know about?

Ri0tSquad4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

And it's not just RROD, there's other problems as well like disc scratching(which is worse IMO since $60 games are destroyed). Put a warranty on that MS, and replace more than what, 16 games? These types of issues with 360 come nothing close to the problems PS2 had.

II Necroplasm II4853d ago

My god it's a PS3 fanboy sausage fest in here.

Monk3y4853d ago


Kornholic4853d ago

It seems like coolirisGB is the master of self-deception.

Sarcasm4853d ago

"My god it's a PS3 fanboy sausage fest in here."

The only sausage I see is the one that Microsoft puts in consumers rears.

Not a pretty site. No sir'ee.

Argento-Nox4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

For the people who don't agree with the 360 failure rates, I'm a former entertainment associate at Bestbuy/Futureshop who worked on the launch day of the 360 to 7 month's after it's release (before I quit to focus on university fulltime), the 360 had at least a failure rate of 33% or more.

It wasn't even a week after release, that I and my fellow entertainment associates were taking back 360's affected by RROD. I personally took back at least a 33% of the 360's from customer I sold them too. It was obviously extremely easy selling most 360 customers on 2-3 years extended warranty.

You want to know what the MS rep answer to me was, when I asked about RROD ---> "We're aware of the issue, but it's only affecting a small portion of 360's". The response going through my head, "Yeah right! I dare you to tell that to the customers affected by RROD!".

masterg4853d ago

I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones. (I had 3)

Change of the first ring of death: 16%
Change of having two rings of death: 2,56%
Change of having three rings of death: 0,4%

I guess the guy who had nine was one in a billion.

4853d ago
ShabzS4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

16% was written by one of the users as feedback from the site .... not by microsoft or its executives...

ms's response was the typical corporate response... " the xbox 360 entertainment system is a superior entertainment experiance and people enjoy it ...Full stop ... end quote... thats all they said... thats what they defended

damn good job pirate thorne and the other radicals ... you guys spin this sh*t like crazy

Guido4853d ago

54% failure rate says it all and nothing MS says will change the minds of the consumers. Their product is trash, plain and simple.

commodore644853d ago

I find it funny that the PS3 fanboys seem to know the failure rate more accurately than an official MS spokesperson.

ha. ha.

PirateThom4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Microsoft never mentioned the failure rate. The failure rate of 16% was mentioned by some user of TG Daily.

The Microsoft spokesperson said they had a good warranty in place and the usual crap that the majority are enjoying their console day in day out.

""Microsoft stands behind the Xbox 360 as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry," TG Daily was told by a Microosft spokesperson. "We are constantly improving the design, manufacture and performance of the console through extensive testing of potential sources of any problems. Xbox 360 is pleased to maintain the title of 'most played console' and the vast majority of Xbox 360 customers have enjoyed a terrific gaming and entertainment experience since their first day, and continue to, day in and day out.""

That's all the person from Microsoft said, the rest of the article is quotes from site users. They didn't even refute the number.

Sarick4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

You can put a warranty on a box full of poop. It doesn't mean it a superior piece of poop in a box. MS says they stand behind their product FINE. They should've thought of that before they released it knowing it was defective from the start.

They released a shoddy product. That warranty is used as an excuse to misdirect the customers away from the negative issue (damage control). It took them a near class action lawsuit to extend their warranties. They didn't do it for the customers. Instead they say they stand behind their product like they willingly did no wrong.

Sorry, I'm not so gullible.

They did manage to sell multiple consoles to the same owner buy having the RROD, even Kevin on G4 openly admitted that when his system RRODed he ran out and bought a 2nd (arcade) to while his 1st was in the shop. Seriously, to some people games are like drugs and when a company tells you it'll take 2 weeks to a full month to get your console back it's hard to quit cold turkey.

With the high failure rate of 360 it's kind of hard to believe that quite a few of those sales or shipped units in the 30million are only first time buyers. There are lot of people just like Kevin at G4 who bought extra units because they couldn't wait a few weeks. These people had money to replace consoles and being gaming junkies where willing to spend a few bucks.

I can pretty much bet these numbers helped increase the market shares significantly. If I give it simple term I'd call it redundancy gaming.

What's even more astounding is the second part about the 360 owners. The poll stated that the RROD wouldn't effect future purchases based on the failure rate. This says that most people are willing to get cheated and keep coming back for more. I'm sure big companies love these people because they know they can practically steal from the customers and continue a strong customer satisfaction rate.

kunit22c4853d ago

The worst part of this, is that Microsoft has no f*cking shame, they don't care, people are still buying the 360 so they really don't give a d*mn. Microsoft, Please do us all a favor and stop existing.

edgeofblade4852d ago

I wouldn't be surprised to hear the SUCCESS rate is 16%, in the first run at least.

The RRoD fiasco is unfortunate, but I'm glad Microsoft continues to eat their costs in replacements. As long as they want to replace my console, I'll let them.

Argento-Nox4852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

@commodore64 who wrote:

Ignore0.17 -
I find it funny that the PS3 fanboys seem to know the failure rate more accurately than an official MS spokesperson.

ha. ha.


"Ha ha" is about the only appropriate thing you said, quite relevant to your own comments. Out of fairness, the Nintendo and Sony reps I spoke to every month when I worked at Bestbuy/Futureshop, gave me the same PR bullshit that the MS rep gave me.

What's your response to employees (even former ones like myself) at electronic stores that took back 360's first hand and knew the failure rates when losses/returns associated with each product in their department were tallied each month?

You're also not taking into consideration, that associates at each Bestbuy/Futureshop can obtain info on the sales and returns at other Bestbuy/Futureshop stores in their local area. Bestbuy/Futureshop are 2 of the largest electronic outlets in North America, so if my store is taking back 33+% of the 360's due to RROD, like every other Bestbuy/Futureshop in my city; what makes you think Walmart, Target, Amazon, Gamestop/EB games is getting a smaller portion of RROD? It's not like you have to be a genious to know that all the retailers all got the same batch of 360 units during launch day.

Your an idiot if you think any spokesperson from ANY company, would come out and say, "We admit that our product has a failure rate of 33+% and we apologize on behalf of the comsumers who have purchased our products."

You know what most companies would do once they're caught redhanded, they'd have a spokesperson admit to their product errors, just prior to a recall. Haven't you seen something like a car recalls for safety etc., before? You seem to be forgetting, a spokepersons job is also damage control, not just selling their companies products to the mass media.

You seem to be ignoring the fact that MS reps, straight down to the ones going to each chain store (like the one I worked at), denied RROD even existed. Would I be wrong to say that it was a monumental "one billion dollar" US lawsuit towards MS's 360 product, spanning over 10000+ 360 owners across the States, that forced MS to admit the existence of RROD, while taking appropriate action to rectify the problem?

While you make sly remarks with regards to PS3 fanboys, it was your "fellow 360 owners", that forced MS to admit RROD existed in the first place, while giving "you" and "every other 360 fanboy/owner" on this site, an extended 3 years warranty to ensure that each of you, is covered for more than the measly 90 day warranty available at launch.

RROD is the reason for the 3 year extended warranty, no? Can you deny the 360 being the most faulty piece of gaming hardware in the history of home consoles? If no, then regardless of whether the failure rate was 16%, etc., 360 is still the least reliable home console in gaming history ------------> hence this argument on percentages is irrelevant.