Why Project Natal and PS3 motion control will Fail

Brian Fritzen writes..... Everyone has talked their heads off about PS3, X360, and Wii differences. I like to think of the Wii as the Disney World of consoles. There are a ton of fun things to do, games to play, and experiences to have. But one can't LIVE in Disney World (only so much "It's a Small World" I can take.)

And because it is this type of system, motion control works brilliantly. BTW, if you haven't noticed many newer Wii games allow for classic configuration (even Punch Out!!)

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-Mezzo-3559d ago

I see what you did there.

chaosatom3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

But on topic: I think it depends on Price and Games.

If it's too pricey, or if it doesn't have too many games then ppl won't buy it.

Blaze9293559d ago

actually I dont....not at all to be honest :/

FlatulentGhost3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

"they both wii succussed in their own way."

Motion controls for Sony and Microsoft do have different goals.

For Sony, the first console company to come out with motion controls with the EyeToy years ago, motion controls will continue to be a part of the whole. Something interesting but not a pillar of the Playstation platform.

For Microsoft, the motion controls are a way for them to get out of their disastrous console hardware efforts so they don't have to design new Xbox hardware. Right now the hope and hype of motion controls on the 360 fill in the gigantic first party and exclusive gap Microsoft has in late 2009 and 2010 and beyond. At the very least motion controls will keep existing 360 owners from seeing the 360 as a dead platform and stop paying the 50 dollar a year online fees. Even keeping existing 360 owners paying for one more year of online play is worth some 500 million dollars in revenue. Something that helps fill in the massive 8 billion dollar losses the Xbox has generated over the past 8 years.

The trouble for Microsoft has been each new showing of their motion controls has gotten less enthusiastic responses from the gaming press compred to the carefully scripted and rigged first showings. The latest IGN article was struggling to hide their disappointment with what Microsoft had to show.

chaosatom3559d ago

I think what MS will end up doing is promoting Natal for casual gamers, than hardcore ones because that's the market they are after.

prunchess3559d ago

I have no interest in waving my arms about to play a game. I love my controller and will always prefer playing games with it.

Motion controls possibly have other application uses though.

3559d ago

I like your argument. I thought the same thing also....I thought it was to fill a void of games and lack of exclusives ad a first party also

n4f3559d ago

sony is not the first console to have come with motion control

prunchess3558d ago

Who were the first console company to do motion control?

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Saaking3559d ago

BOTH will fail their respective purposes. Neither Sony nor MS will be able to take what the Wii has.

MS is relying on Natal way too much. Sony isn't really hyping it that much. MS has more to loose if the motion controls fail which they will.

-Mezzo-3559d ago

Very intelligent comment.

FlipMode3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Yeah seriously it seem MS is putting to much eggs in the natal basket, and if it fails...........

Ninver3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Meh both will fail but Natal will fail beyond belief. Real talk, at least the ps wand comes equiped with a physical medium to mimic what is on screen.

At the end of the day the Wii has the casual market and people know it for having motion controls.

Just like Sony being the pioneers of hardcore console gaming, you just can't mimic the originators FACT!

chaosatom3559d ago

<--------------------Go to Gamer zone. No intelligent comment here plz.

-Mezzo-3559d ago

but you just made an intelligent comment yourself at the top.

ShadowCK3558d ago

Saaking, You should really change your profile information to:

"Hi, I'm an Sony Droid who eats out of Sony's ass everyday and I take special interest in sabotaging the Xbox 360 for stupid and retarded reasons"

Because your profile doesn't make any sense,

*You DON'T own an Xbox 360.
*You DON'T appreciate the Xbox 360 at all.

I think I speak for the entire Xbox 360 Fanbase. Drop dead.

3557d ago
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-Mezzo-3559d ago

i think gamers will avoid motion sensor all together.

Steve0073559d ago

i don't think anyone of them will fail, they just wont work.

-Mezzo-3559d ago

i think by saying they won't work you mean they wont Sell.

chaosatom3559d ago

I mean if it's cheap enough, then why wouldn't you buy it.

Shadow Man3559d ago

but if it come built in on the next xbox it won't bother me.

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