Give Me Back My Life… Bar

I am entirely sick of this new age damage system.
There was Call of Duty 2, then Call of Juarez Bound in Blood and now Wolfenstein. I'm talking of course about the "screen going red and bloody for a few seconds after getting shot 10 times" thing. So now basically, what you have to do when your head is getting raped by bullets is press the crouch key, wait 5 seconds and that's it! You are OK again.

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Sunny_D5153d ago

^^^^ Right here is a noob who plays halo 3 everyday hiding behind a rock so he can regenerate his life bar!

TheMART5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

^^^^^ And right above me is a n00b who plays Killzone 2 everyday hiding behind a corner so he can regenerate his health!

Snake Raiser5153d ago

Jack: that kind of statement is typical of people who simply cant even begin to comprehend other people's opinions. You simply don't understand what the person is saying so you tell them to shut up and hope no one calls you out.
Personally I liked the life bar. Regenerating health is ok to some EXTENT. You should not be able to heal back all of your health and it should be a slower process. Having the screen changer color and stuff was a novelty at first, but now it is annoying. In any case it has to be done well. If the screen color change keeps you from seeing what is going on that is bad.

Cajun Chicken5153d ago

This is true. I'd like this rechargable health fad to be over. It works in some games, but FFS, stop putting it in all, its like bullet time all over again.

narked5153d ago

medal of honor airborne has the best health scheme, consisting of 4 small bars.

when you are only just hit and half of one is empty it regens. if a whole bar is empty then you need to find health packs again.

imo it was genius. total regen sucks

blu3print5153d ago

Resistance 1 had that feature too

I_am_rushin5153d ago

I call it the "go in the corner and suck your thumb" health bar.

PS3is4D5153d ago

Call of Duty 2 didn't start this trend. Halo: Combat Evolved did. I don't see anything wrong with the regenerative health system. Can you imagine the Radec fight on the Elite difficulty picking up med packs in Killzone 2? I don't think so.

I prefer not to see a health bar in FPS's because it produces realism and tension.

heroicjanitor5153d ago

It is my fav shooter this gen simply mainly because of co-op offline, but the health bar made it much better. "I only have one bar left so I'll <insert whatever tactics suit the situation here>" , whereas in others you just hid til you have full health again and no other tactics are required the whole way through the game.

firelogic5153d ago (Edited 5153d ago )

Riiiight....because running over a magical first-aid kit fixes all cuts, bruises, broken bones, bullets, burns, instantaneously. Makes MUCH more sense than auto-regen. Both are ridiculous but it's a game. Not to mention, why are there health packs all over the place and why do enemies drop health?

This moron even says, "It's a ****ing video game." Exactly. So accept auto-regen in the same way you accept magical med packs. The article just exudes hypocrisy.

He's basically saying, even though life bars and med kits are unrealistic, it's just a game. Well hello there genius. Auto-regen is unrealistic and it's just a game too.

Sarcasm5153d ago

This is one of those subjects that's honestly as subjective as Camaro vs Mustang.

Some people will like it one way, the other person will like it the other way.

Call me Sergeant "Durrr!"

Chubear5153d ago

lol, actually Killzone1 on the PS2 had this back then too though.

Tarasque5153d ago

Yeah, but the recharging health fit most of the games that use them. If you had to add health packs and armor and such you change the style of gameplay. People that cry about recharging health just needs to go play something else.

OhReginald5153d ago

It was a mixture of regeneration AND a life bar.

goflyakite5153d ago

I loved the way they did FarCry2's health system.

Pulling bullets out of your arm, putting out a fire on your leg, or pulling shrapnel out of you just looked awesome.

njr5153d ago

They'll just give you infinite lives/continues then.

Masta_fro5153d ago

id say it depends on the game play

But at the end of the day, you can cry master chief or uncharted or whatever, their is only one king in health regeneration

and that king is Metal Gear Solid 3

The 4th one had it as well but did not emphasize it as much...

krauler5153d ago

Socom has it right. No regen, no health packs. When your health bar goes all the way down, you die. End of story.

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Javier195153d ago

The only game a health bar should be in is an RPG, or say a boss battle

Other than that, it removes immersion.

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xabmol5153d ago

I've always preferred lifebars to the newfangled auto re-gen.

socomnick5153d ago

they all copied halo. I would not ordinarily have a problem with that, thing is it makes sense in halo, the thing that replenishes is master chiefs shield. It doesnt make sense in call of duty or killzone 2 however, how do you magically cure.

DaTruth5153d ago

Because in reality, a med pack would be used to stitch up wounds, tape up sprains, bandage burns and use Polysporin or Tylenol for the pain. We don't need them to slow down the game by going through the motions (Farcry2).

Regen is like your cuts and burns healing by themselves in five seconds; It lacks any kind of realism.

frjoethesecond5153d ago

I liked the system in halo 1 the most. Shields regen health doesn't. The moh/resistance method is great too.

Cajun Chicken5153d ago

Halo 1 did have a great healthbar because the rechargeable shield was weaker than the later ones, then each additional shot took off actual health.

ElementX5153d ago

"Regen is like your cuts and burns healing by themselves in five seconds; It lacks any kind of realism"

Since when have shooters been realistic? Cause last time I heard, in real life you don't pick up scattered medkits and heal instantly, you go to a hospital and stay and get bullet fragments removed and you're out of commission for a while.... Either that or you die.

BLipp175153d ago

2.5, did you read anything 2.2 said in his first paragraph? the med kits are "magical" in games b/c the "reality" of using one takes a long time for you to actually heal.

he cites farcry 2, which when you got mortally wounded your character performed the action of taking the bullet out, bandaging, healing burns, etc. can you imagine going through any shooter going though that mini cutscene EVERY time you picked up a med kit? no, so they made them "magical" as to no break the pace of the game