Are gaming handhelds too expensive?


"In the wake of the PS3 Slim price-cut landslide of news, one small wound still lingers, and has now gotten worse: the PSP Go is still $249."

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NothingToGainButLove3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I think not. Handheld gaming is awesome as long as there are a good selection of titles. The psp never had one of those large software libraries but nonetheless, has some decent games. There some especially good ones on the horizon like MGS: Peace Walker, GT, and LBP

monkey6023562d ago

I think it's far too expensive. To buy a PSP Go now you'd be paying near enough the price of a PS3. That's nonsense

And the UMD's for a PSP are almost the price of any other console game.

Last I checked the DS price wasnt too high but surely you should be able to buy one for near enough 100euro now. and 45 - 50 euro is too much for a DS game too.

Blaze9293562d ago

I agree in regards to the PSP. Not the Go but just the PSP in general and one of the reasons why I think Custom Firmware on it took off so much. In the beginning we were nearly getting nothing but PS2 ports for PSP games...priced at $40 and freakin $50!...for a handheld game stripped of features from it's console version? That's absolutely crazy.

Now PSP games are on average $40 now correct? Still a little too much for some games imo. I remember the good days of Gameboy Color and Advance games being $20-$30, not bad at all for a handheld game.

As for the PSP Go's pricing, I think it is pretty crazy to look at that and the PS3 to now notice there is only a $50 difference from a portable device and a gaming console from the same company and under the same gaming division. I want a PSP Go, still got my old PSP-1000 and I think it's time to upgrade but at $249.99, don't think so. Then on top of that I can't even use my Memory Stick Pro Duo that I have for the new PSP Go, would have to buy a new M2 Micro for it in case I want more space.

Lifendz3562d ago

no one says you have to have a GO! In fact, you can get the 3000 and make out like a bandit due to its price and features. PSP has an awesome library as well. So what if Sony overpriced the Go!, I won't be getting one and I hope that a lot of people splurge the extra 50 bucks and pick up a PS3.

Bnet3433562d ago

I don't think a PSP should cost more than an Xbox 360. DS has the right price. $150 or less, no more than that. PSP should stay under $200 and include a game.

mastiffchild3562d ago

Lifendz is bang on. I'm not looking at a new Go at all when my 3000 has a bigger screen and can play downloads and allows me to pick up classics or bargains in game or movie terms on UMD. What is the reason to buy a GO which won't accept my mem sticks or play most of my games?

Also there'll be some decent buys available for the 3000 which is what I'd recommend to ANYONE. All you gain is the new design being smaller and BT-and for the increase and what you lose is that anywhere near worth it? When you could get a PS3 slim for an extra few poinds? IDK what Sony are up to with this pricing.

foxtheory3562d ago

if you're constantly on the go or travel a lot. I'm not usually traveling or anything like that, so I do more home console gaming and spend my money on that. When I do travel, however, I have an iPod Touch which is perfect for me (holds a good amount of music and the apps are great). Would I like to get a PSP? Of course! It's really starting to pick up momentum and games like MGSPW, GT, and AC Bloodlines look awesome. But to spend that much money on the console itself and the games, memory, accessories, ect., it's just not worth it when there is such an enormous amount of great titles coming out within the next year for home consoles.

ThanatosDMC3562d ago

Monster Hunter alone made my PSP purchased worth every hour i spent on it. That's about 900+ hrs on Monster Hunter games. Then there's MGS and Syphon Filter and CFW for PSX games. Yeah, i bought all my PSP games but ripped the ISOs myself.

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N4XBOXG3562d ago

considering u can buy a new psp3000 for 160 no its not to expensive, pspGO is for people wanting to spend the extra money to get a built in memory card, kinda how the xbox has different models with different amounts of memory.

Panthers3562d ago

I would also be getting it for its size. The PSP has always been way too big for me.

skatezero2463562d ago

a simple no is all I have to say

marcus j3562d ago

Go it over priced in the uk you can basically get a ps3 slim for the same amount of money.

-MD-3562d ago

I believe they're overpriced yes. I've been wanting a DS since they came out but the second they drop in price a new sku comes out at a higher price.

The thing is 5 years old and it's still 169.99$.

Veneno3562d ago

I know this. My company makes nothing but shovelware for Wii and DS. And people buy it.

SpoonyRedMage3562d ago

...and yet the DS' highest rated games are rated higher than the PSPs and there's more higher rated games for the DS too.:O

The DS also has the best line-up of JRPGs out this gens systems(the PS2 still gets a lot of goodens). The PSP is a close second though.

Veneno3562d ago

Why do you hate sony so much?

SpoonyRedMage3562d ago

...I don't. I was just pointing out that despite the shovelware that the DS has a very good lineup and many great games.

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