Fanboys: A Thesis

Excerpt from article:

"While there is no doubt that fanboys have been around since the beginning of time (Rocks are better the Stones.), this console generation has been especially potent for fanboys. With Sony no longer being the leader in the market, it has created a war that rages on every day throughout the internets. That is not to say that fanboyism is not good for sales and for the manufacturers themselves. I will highlight why fanboyism is good for the industry, and the negative traits associated with the fanboys."

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donnaluke20033562d ago

Funny and so much truth. =)

hamsterfist3562d ago

Thanks, but I would of been better posting this on a different day. No one comes here on the weekends.

deadreckoning6663562d ago

Good Article. In the end, the only console thats worth hating on is the Wii

Daz3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

So true :P funny read. There could add so much more added to that artical.

ASSASSYN 36o3562d ago

...but the 360 is not number one.

hamsterfist3562d ago

Good, thanks.... I was hoping people would take this as satire and not a direct attack on fanboys.

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