Top 20 Selling Xbox 360 Games - July 2009

NCAA Football 10, Fight Night Round 4 and UFC 2009 Undisputed lead the way in the top selling Xbox360 games of July 2009.

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Nelson M3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

2 Old Crap Exclusive's
18 Multiplatform Games
On the List

Throw in

Laggy Online
Laggy Dashboard
50$ For Xbox Live
No Exclusive's this Year
Crap Exclusive's in the near Future and Next Year
And for the same price as an Elite you Get a PS3 Slim(maybe Cheaper)

And That List Looks more Really Pathetic

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bmw693564d ago

Halo and Call of Duty are amazing on those lists

Myst3563d ago

*Sneaks in*

*Slaps Lost Odyssey up on the list*

*Sneaks out*

Sonyslave33563d ago

You think this list is pathetic wait and until you see ps3 list how much you want you bet the top 20 list is going to be all Multiplatform games .

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