Consumers buying PS3 'Slim' over PS3 'Fat'

Game Blorge:

"After the announcement of the PS3 'Slim' model there has been blanket media coverage of the unit across the Web. The device is definitely much more trimmed down, with nearly 34 percent reduction in energy and universal mass. The complete redesign of the system has many jumping on the PS3 Slim bandwagon and forgoing the PS3 Fat model."

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markus993559d ago

Im tempted to get a Slim even though I own a Fat, it just looks so nice and with less heat, noise and smaller size its the perfect model in my eyes.

I noticed that the Xbox 360 is no where in sight on all of those retail locations mentioned in the story. Is Xbox sales tanking or what?

gamesR4fun3559d ago

j/k but ya the new slims are super sexy tho the ol fats are running out at most places pretty fast now.

dirkdady3559d ago

The 360 is in trouble you don't see it in the best seller.
Looks like it dropped off completely.


markus993559d ago

yea its interesting its like the 360 just disappeared off Amazon... I guess its betting buried in the PS3 hype now.


I don't know about N4G but for the past few days I've been checking out all these forums on different sites about the PS3 Slim and surprising as it may seem about 90% of the people on every forum I checked really like the new design and I'm also one of them.

The new look is something you have to get used to before you actually start liking it and seeing it in person (according to most sites who have unboxings) is a whole different thing.

markus993559d ago

yea I agree, at first I didn't know what to make of it but after looking at a tone of pictures and video it just looks cooler than the fat model.
I guess its a design that grows on you.

arsenal553559d ago

i dont care about the new design but what I do care about how how much cooler and quieter the slim is.. my 60 gig ps3 heats up my room within an hour of being on.. id love to have a slim