Shadow Complex's Super Big Secret Revealed

The following is a full showing of how to reach Shadow Complex's Super Big Secret that wasn't allowed to be talked about upon release on XBLA. Hil[ary] of IGN has been quoted as saying you'ld have to be crazy or insane to find this out. So with some help from the people in the Game FAQ's board started working out the hints that were revealed and finally found it.

This secret should be used after you have at LEAST obtained all 12 gold bars to unlock the golden gun room.

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Saaking4051d ago

Decent game. Played it using the glitch and I'm glad I didn't buy it. I see no replay value and it was kind of boring. Not worth $15 like Fat Princess.

SiteNblog Defender4051d ago

hahaha! That fat b!tch can't get her fat ass online.

Blaster_Master4051d ago

I did the glitch too, and I will admit it was fun for about an hour, then I just got really bored of it. I too am glad I didn't buy this or Fat Princess.

Eiffel4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Saaking, Blaster_Master just admit you only dislike it cause it's on the 360. Seriously..

If it it was on the PS3. You would be on your knees mouth ready.

Fat Princess is pretty mediocre compared to Shadow Complex. You should check meta critic score as well as reviews.

N4PS3G4051d ago

I't can't be as mediocre as Fat Princess hahaha

XDF4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

PSN has Fat Princess and Flowers as the only major PSN exclusives...A Fat Princess and lovely...LFMAO

XBLA has Shadow Complex, Trial HD, Splosion Man, Secret of Monkey Island HD, Outrun Arcade, Virtua ON, GTA4 DLC 1 and 2, and Perfect Dark HD to end the year...

Sony Fanboys must have such low standard in praising such mediocre games as Fat princess or because there are no good PSN exclusives to be found at all this year. LMFAO

JasonPC360PS3Wii4051d ago

Saaking you don't own a 360 so how can you have played it? BTW the "glitch" doesnt let you replay so how could you know about any replay value?

Dumbass droid.

Saaking4051d ago

I do have a 360, sent me a message if you want. You're right that the glitch doesn't let me replay, but from what I played I don't see too many reasons to go back. Don't get me wrong, it is a good game and I'll buy it when I see one of the deals if it hits 10 bucks.

XDF4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Just give it up buddy. We all know you are a PS3 fanboy in disguise. With all the X360 bashing effort you put in your posts, just admit your true intention and get it over with.

With comments like these from you, how can we take you seriously:

"Bots don't buy exclusives either. Mass Effect was outsold by Uncharted. Why aren't you buying it bots?"

"I'd recommend skipping Halo 2010. I've heard Halo 2011 will be better, but Halo 2012 also has promise."

"Why do you bots disagree? It's a FACT that ME2 was making 360s overheat and RROD. There's no disagreeing with that and it's pretty sad that it is just 30 FPS."


So don't even try, for all I know, you don't even own a X360.

Poopface the 2nd4051d ago

we know you dont have a 360. And if you do your gamer tag doesnt show that youve played shadow complex at all. you are still sad about the ps3 even thoug things are seem to be improving for it.

hatchimatchi4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )


fat princess is a POS. It rarely connects online and when it does it either lags like hell or i get booted off after 5 mins. It's not my internet connection either cause resistance 2 and other games work flawlessly.

This isn't coming from someone who is secretly in love with the 360 cause i don't even own one. PS3 is my system of choice but i'm not blind. Until Fat Princess servers are fixed, it's a terrible game imo.


for the people saying the psn has no good exclusives, that's being a bit naive.

wipeout hd/fury
siren: blood curse
crash commando (which is fairly similar to shadow complex)

both systems have good exclusives.

36T4051d ago

OH Saaking.. Your bias is showing! Fat Princess better then Shadow Complex? LMAO! Sony fanboys truly amuse me.

"Decent game. Played it using the glitch and I'm glad I didn't buy it. I see no replay value and it was kind of boring."

Sorry Saaking, i think you're BS. If not, hook me up with that gamer tag so i can see those acheivements.

Fat Princess?? LOL. Thanks for the laugh to start off the day.

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frnkyl4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

He looks almost exactly like Nathan Drake. If that's the secret then it's not a very well hidden one.

Edit: How can he not look like Nathan Drake? He's got the hair, the clothes, even the gun holster. -_-"

Eiffel4051d ago

Nathan Drake isn't the first guy to sport that look.

frnkyl4051d ago

Yea but still. Didn't you see the article a few months back comparing Drake and the Shadow Complex dude? It's just too much of a coincidence

FamilyGuy4051d ago

Don't they share the same voice actor too, or was Alan Wake?

hatchimatchi4051d ago

i agree,

he does look like nathan drake and has similar mannerisms.

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R2D24051d ago

The Sony [email protected]

Hate will get you no where.

raiden_934051d ago

Yes and correct spelling and punctuation will get you 'nowhere' not 'no where'.


XDF4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

An intelligent PS3 fanboy that can spell do exist on N4G Open Zone..I thought it is a myth.

I will inform the Mod to reinstate you Gamer Zone privilege.

J/K..I know you are a neutral gamer. Be a gamer not a hater.

Blaster_Master4051d ago

Are you dumb? I just said it was boring, that I had already played it. Then I said that Fat Princess wasn't worth a buy either, and thats a PSN exclusive. What is it with you retards that like to put words in other peoples mouths? Screw you.

XDF4051d ago

There is a REPLY button...use it. That is all. Good Bye.

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