Resolution: The 360's Epic Fail

Resolution writes: "It's a safe bet that every enthusiastic games player will know at least a person or two whose 360 unit has suffered some kind of significant problem. That's not in any doubt, but I find myself considering my own games machines, and how well they're serving me."

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cRaZyLeGs 933562d ago

Why is there a rrod re-launch? Is it seasonal or something?

Doctor_Doom3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

"Game Informer, suggesting that more than 50 per cent of Xbox 360 units on the market have at some point conked out on their owners."

suggesting , What?? Without any official data or at least from a credible source ??!! Sorry but this article fails miserably .

Mo0eY3562d ago

There's been recent reports that the new Xbox 360 update has caused red rings. I have tried reporting it several times here, but it fails every time.

Also, there was an article recently that stated that 54.2% of Xbox 360s fail (out of a survey of 5,000 people).

Maddens Raiders3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Microsoft is a cold - blooded pimp. The more beat downs and backhands they dole out, the more brainwashed and submissive its customers become. Rock on M$ -- Now that's G.

shingo3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

only two of my friends aren't rrod'd, but that's because they bought it like 2 weeks ago. ALL of the rest are either on their 2nd or 3rd. i also know a guy from the forums i post in who's on his 8th 360. shame on you, microsoft.

UnDone143562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I bought the 360 at launch Nov. 05. By March 06, around the time Oblivion came it, it died. I got a replacement. Then when Gears of War came out, a month later it died on me. So I had it RROD on me twice.

I haven't really gamed on my 360 since Dec. 07. Who knows if it would die on me again. I have had it boxed up for the past 8 months because I'm trying to sell it but I'm having a hard time and might just have to end up keeping it.

Anyways, everybody I know that has a 360 has experienced the RROD more than once. I just had a friend get it about a week ago. If you own a 360, RROD is almost inevitable. It's rather unfortunate that this problem still exists almost 4 years after the 360's launch without any permanent remedy.

Anon19743562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

If your articles are being failed inappropriately, on the forums there's a space to report this to the mods. I've had a couple of articles that were failed for no reason by 360 fans. In both those cases the mods intervened and reinstated the articles in question.

I just wish they'd remove the posting privileged of those who falsely report articles. It's one thing to report an article as lame because you don't consider it newsworthy, it's another to falsely claim an article is a dupe, or falsely label it "wrong type" just to see if you can get an automatic fail.

On topic. I like my 360 when it's running but it's simply been too unreliable to warrant much play time. If you have a choice of which console to game on, you only have to get burned once by a console to change your game play habits. My 360 was by far my console of choice until it died multiple times. What's the point of spending hundreds in software if you can't play your library? For me, having my pre-ordered copy of Halo 3 in my hands but not having a 360 to play it on for over a month was the last straw. It was after that that I cancelled my XBL and vowed to do most of my gaming on my PS3 from that point on. I've never looked back, and couldn't be happier!

morganfell3562d ago

I am on my 5th and last 360. I used to really support them. What is worse is one of my replacement 360s was dead right out of the box when they sent me the refurb.

LazyDevs3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

"Also, there was an article recently that stated that 54.2% of Xbox 360s fail (out of a survey of 5,000 people). "

That was the exact article Jimmy Page was talking about above you. And he states that article is fail which it is. It was done by Game Informer and they asked a random 5,000 people if they had their 360 serviced or replaced. Didn't verify if any of those people actually owned a 360. So alot of those could have been Sony fanboys from N4G just saying they had theirs replaced 5 times. That would be like me saying i asked 100 people in my neighborhood if they had replaced their PS3 and 75 of them said yes, so that is a 75% failure rate. Just going by what i said and no real data to back it up. I know there is hardware problems with the 360, but relying on sh1t articles such as that game informer article is plain stupid and if you believe you are just as stupid as the article.

And for the record i am on my one and only 360 from over 2 years now.

FamilyGuy3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Wow, what a horrible story! I genuinely feel bad for you, just imagining if that happened the day before getting some of the games I was really looking forward to in the past. Recently, I opted to buy a game from amazon in order to save about $12 (BlazBlue) compared with a retail store and it was killing me for those four days I waited while seeing many of my online friends play the game. It really wasn't worth it and imagining a month with the console completely absent would definitely change my opinion of whatever caused the problem too. I'll only buy single player games on amazon now LOL.

I know you're like hardcore brainwashed and it's somewhat pointless to point logic out to you but here goes anyway. 1. GameInformer isn't exactly PS3 fanboy haven, did you find any articles siting the poll and telling users to influence it like what happened with Cnets Forza 3 vs GT5 poll? No? I didn't think so.

Second, Well I just posted this recently and I will continue to bring it up here when people claim the poll is invalid.

Considering the majority of people who subscribe to GameInformer or are part of their online community are "Gamers" as apposed to "casual gamers" it would seem that this new number SHOULD be used here as the majority of us game beyond what is considered casually. Simply put - WE ARE PART OF THAT MINORITY.

You get what I'm saying? The number should mean more to us because those people game on their systems about as much as we do on ours. That does mean that the PS3 failure rate is really high too, but still a 5th of M$s.

You should probably either start ignoring people who reference that new number or get use to it because it seems like it's taking over as the new "%33 fail rate" in the gaming world (online at least).

pixelsword3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

If I get my hands on ODST and play it, I'll be content; well, that and Mass Effect 2, which I could possibly play on my PC.

I'm not personally mentioning "how many times the 360 died" and stuff like that because people will tend to blow it out of proportion.

And the sad thing is that the 360 has an awesome array of games, and they look great, and more cross-platform games preform better on the 360, so it's not like there's *no* reason to turn it on, but like me for instance, I'm waiting for Mass Effect 2 to play... on PC; and I may not fire up the 360 until ODST or Borderlands come out. See how sad that is? Why should anyone have to put their gaming on hold because the console might fail?

el zorro3562d ago

No, that survey is not reliable and anybody with a lick of sense can see why. It would be like taking a survey of N4G users about the RROD and expecting to get an accurate result. Not gonna happen.

Sarcasm3562d ago

"I am on my 5th and last 360."

Haha morganfell. No wonder you're so anti-MS.

I don't blame you. I really don't.

Domenikos3562d ago

Who cares if MS give us finger with the RROD?

Im on my 6 x box and im happy with it...

X box user cliche...

Guido3562d ago

There's no "relaunch", it's never left. RROD id only getting worse due to the number of consoles failing is getting greater and needs more light shed on the matter.

wriggly3561d ago

So what if the 360 has RROD , the new elite is much more reliable than the previous consoles and they have a better track record then the first xbox 360's to be released , i have both consoles the ps3 and xbox 360 and my 360 has'nt let me down yet but on the other hand i have had 1 ps3 replaced by sony for free thank god lol ,this was due to the blu ray lens not being able to read my discs!!!, my friends ps3 also developed YLOD ( yellow light of death) so i guess ps3 has just as much of a failure rate as the 360 does , everything made in the factory has a life span and sooner or later the thing will go BANG and not work! thats life LOL .

Hobadoon3561d ago

Look at all those PS3 fanboy posts above me. You guys should find other things to do with your time then try to invade every 360 article 24/7. You all work for Sony?

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harpua3562d ago

It's simply the worst piece of gaming hardware ever released.

OGharryjoysticks3562d ago

It's unquestionably the worst from an overall build quality/reliability standpoint, but it's still playing modern games when it's not broken so it's definetely not the worst overall.

mrv3213562d ago

Overclocking and old PC would allow you to run your games better but I still wouldn't recomend you doing it.

Mo0eY3562d ago

No, harpua, that would go to the NGage.

LazyDevs3562d ago

Actually i think that would go to the PS2. 7 PS2's to date and 5 of them have been bought brand new. I mean come on the numbers don't lie. Do you actually think there has been over 100,000,000 ps2's sold without over a 1/4 to 1/2 of those being bought multiple times. There is not a single person i know that has not bought at least 3 ps2's.

JonnyBigBoss3562d ago


Cut out the games, the online service and leave only the hardware itself. There's NO DENYING that the Xbox 360 is the worst piece of gaming hardware ever created.

The Wood3562d ago i surprised you'd say about brainwashed. Yes there were issues with both but saying dre made the ps2 worst than the 360 with its disk scratching, video output issues AND RROD kills all your credibility in my eyes

even if your just trying to make a joke...u fail on that one

el zorro3562d ago

It's so sad when people try to pretend that the PS2 didn't have those problems. WTF were you guys not around back then? Myself and most of the people I knew with PS2s had hardware issues with it.

Sarcasm3562d ago

My friend who I sold my old phat PS2 to, she says it's still running with no issues.

Not bad for 8 years.

Sarick3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I've got 4 PS2's fats at this house only the initial launch model has caused problems. It's still running today though after being repaired 3 times. The other 2 have been run with a lot of wear. The one in my room as over 3 years on it. I'm not saying I've owned it for 3 years it's closer to 8 or 9 years. I'm saying it has a total of over 3 years of up time wear on it for over 26,280 hours, either playing or leaving out to sell items. This one system is the only one that's ever loaded the account for more then 48 hours total.

Your telling me that of all my systems the one that I gave to my sister (repaired free 1st by Sony) accounts for the other systems that are still running after over 20 thousand hours competes with the 360 hardware?

If I sit back and base reliability on just this one PS2 vs my living room PS3 that got a YLOD from excessive up times I'd say my bedroom PS2 with HDD actually is more reliable then my PS3!

You can't say a console that has at least 3 years of service on it isn't reliable. I know this because the software I use my PS2 on records the system up time for one character account on final fantasy 11. This doesn't include the weeks of offline games I've played on it or the mules up times on FF11.

20 thousand plus hours logged up time and still kicking. It's easy to say you've owned a system for 8 years but when you can back it with real up time and know it isn't the full up time you have to admit thats reliable for a PS2.

Don't even remotely try and compare the PS2 reliability to any system that has this much real ware on it. On and the other PS2 that's been repaired 3 times has more ware on it since I had in the family room and it's used every day at least 5 hours.

Even the original factory PS2 that was known to have problems only needed repaired 3 times in over 8 years with a lot of wear on it. Owning a system and it not breaking down in 3 years means nothing if you use it once or twice a year. A system that has logged up time is the real test of reliability.

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erik cartman3562d ago

some of you guys suck so much. the 360 is a good gaming system and if you don't agree then screw you guys.. im going offline

ReBurn3562d ago

This is just flamebait. Don't let the morons get to you. If it were as bad as people who don't own one think it is then it wouldn't be doing as well as it is.

Nikuma3562d ago

It make take a while but one day you guys will wake up and realize what a PoS the 360 is.

ultimolu3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

It has good games but the hardware is unacceptable.

Read my lips.


It amazes me really. Nobody said enough was enough when real flamebait articles about the PS3 showed up. Now an article with actual facts come up, you guys deny the truth behind it.

This is the sole reason why I do not own a 360. I don't like playing Russian roulette with my money I worked hard for.

shingo3562d ago

you pretty much nailed it, ultimolu.

Game13a13y3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

lol, face the reality plz, i can give you 5 examples why the 360 sucks which most normal people would surely agree on:

1) RROD (obviously)
2) no Blu-ray (holding back the overall quality of games)
3) XBL fees (come on, 360 is the only place that charge you a fee to play online, PC/PS3/Wii/DS/PSP none of them charges you)
4) sucky D-pad (try playing a good match of SF 4 on my cousin's 360, it just sucked)
5) GAMES!! ok, you guys can say it has decent gaming library, but guess what, i have a PC!!! and it won't fail on me and its free online!! give me some 360 exclusives that are better than the PS3 please.

pixelsword3562d ago

...I don't think he was actually serious.

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wxer3562d ago

bu bu but
dah salezzzzz


IcyJoker1873562d ago

Oh well now this is hilarious.

bu bu the Valhalla chip!

CreativeAccount33562d ago

True, the 360 does have it's problems.But ! It makes up for it with it's fun and unique games.Mass effect is my fav, but..

I'm really thinking of picking up a PS3 slim !
i been waiting for the price cut for ages and now is the time for me to make the jump!

SarcasticBastard3562d ago

Totaly agree dude i only own ps3 for now but i want to pick up 360 soon.i'd really suggest picking up a ps3 if you really want one the price is just right now

ThatCanadianGuy3562d ago

Pick up a PS3.You won't regret it.Hell, i'll be buying a slim just for the sleek looks alone.

Kill Crow3561d ago

Fisher price looks for your Diet PS3 ... oooh, classy !!!

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