The Gamer In-Depth Podcast - Episode 10

The Gamer In-Depth crew writes: "Hang out with us in Sully's bar in Playstation Home! Special guest SpeedRacer1955 helps us cover a mulitude of topics ranging from GamesCon to Gamers night to Playstation Home clothing! It's all about Battlefield 1943 so pick up a weapon and join us or stand aposed because episode 10 is deadly!"

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-EvoAnubis-3558d ago

Just to see how you guys were evolving here, I listened to this podcast.

Wish I could say otherwise, but I'm not impressed. I expected you guys to feel more comfortable on the mic, to have more flow, and I'm not seeing that. Narde, you still keep interrupting the flow of the podcast by stepping in when someone else is making a point. That is BAD, and it's the main reason I never asked to be on another show after the one I did.

Hopefully by episode 20 you guys will have it together. I'll check in then.