Sony Preps Family-Oriented Marketing Expansion

Nintendo may be considered the quintessential "family" company in the world of video games, but Sony wants a piece of that pie, too.

According to a recent article at Video Business, Sony is planning to drop some heavy campaigns designed to target all ages, and this involves games like SingStar, LittleBigPlanet, and MLB 07: The Show. And in addition to the software, Sony will advertise the PS3 as the "most comprehensive Blu-Ray Disc player available on the market." At this point, it's the only Blu-Ray player that will also play DVDs, and it's also the only one that is Web-enabled.

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marionz6249d ago

sony needs to draw the kids in quick, i know its too expencive for kids to buy a ps3 but if they dont find a way soon to pry the cash from the parents hands then all the kids will be getting cheaper consoles like the 360 and wii
with games out there like viva pinata, blue dragon, banjo kazooie, naruto, kameo, mario and so on where else are the kids girls and casual gamers going to go? ill add my mum to that list....she loves her 360 :p

Robotz Rule6249d ago

A price drop would really help Sony.Many people want a Playstation 3 but can't afford it so they go with the 360 and or Wii,that explains the Wii sales:)

marionz6249d ago

yeah if they drop the price and get some cool new games that appeal to me i would almost be sold on a ps3, i still dont think it could outclass the 360 but i would consider getting one for its exclusives
little big planet is a good step in the rite direction, and thats what they need to focus on now, not gimmics like home or folding at home but actual games
i dont count jak & daxter or ratchet & clank, they are as outdated as crash bandicoot, give us some fresh new ideas sony
its not just 20 to 35 year old males that play games

power of Green 6249d ago

Software value for the price isn't there with the PS3 I doubt Wii is selling like hot cakes because people can not or will not buy a PS3. When you say People want the PS3 you mean people from game sites and tech sites taking polls?. LLLOOOOOLLLLLL. If the PS3 was right now!; what it was suppose to be durring pre launch hype it would have sold much better my point is its a combo of many things. We'll see though; do folks even consider that the consumer mass is just moving on(Nintendo to PlayStation in the 4th generation is one example).

shortyNZ6249d ago

i mean i gave up on sega and went to sony, gave up on them and went to MS, times change and people grow up and learn what consoles suit them best
and at this point its true sony doesnt have the games to make the ps3 a worthwhile purchace, same goes for the wii
good luck to sony changing their image, i dont really like them anymore but obviously they still have their fans

StrboyM6249d ago

honestly....the wii sold cause it delivered on what it said it would....the ps3 will deliver, but hasent shown up yet....trust me when i say it will do much better when a price drop rolls in..if they can get it to $450 that would be the sweet spot. the article is right though, educating people about the ps3 and all its features would promt them to take a closer look.

for those into games and those who arent

Ps3 games - some of the best and brightest and even more coming soon
Blu ray player/movies,- doing very well at the moment
playes your exsisting library of ps games
can store your music and photos
internet browser - not the best but still good enough to check email
folding @ home - a noble feature to help people find a cure for some deseases
home - promising commmunity feature that will be a part of every ps3
psn/store - get downloads of games and demos
hdmi - 60gig hdd - 4 usb ports - built in wifi - wireless controllers

man the ps3 is sweet

consolecrusader6249d ago

Don't go that route, the wii is $250 thats why it is hot. Look at their library of games its horrendous...don't be naive...

ITR6249d ago

And a game like Red Steel sold a approx. million copies and is still selling.

With that many sells I doubt that game was that bad.

It's also nice to have a choice of games.

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just_looken22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

The fact you can kill the end by either changing your console clock or my way when he is on the dock is such a cool Easter egg.

My video/play through i time coded the part of end getting killed at the dock

The river scene with ocelot's dad will also change depending on your kill count

So many things that can change on each playthrough

Oh also the iconic ladder scene always a classic

just_looken20h ago

wait are people upset i gave out spoilers on a 20 year old ps2 game?

Like for real this was on top of alot of charts for sales with so many different versions

SimpleDad20h ago

There are many people (new) that didn't experience the game dude.

just_looken20h ago

It's 20 years old man these new "gamers" are weak

No one here ever turn on a history channel or go to school there are scary spoilers there too.

Getting hate for talking about a 20year old game on a comment section with a article that talks about the 20year old game with spoilers in the article

" original Snake, aka Big Boss, whose DNA was used to create the clones Solid, Liquid and Solidus"

Quick call 911 IGN spoiled the game

Chard19h ago

Wait til he realises there are people born years after MGS3 released who are now getting into mature gaming

just_looken17h ago


I was watching robocop before i grew chest hair are you seriously saying people only play M rated games after they turn 17?

Chard16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

That’s not what I’m saying at all.
Im referring to the weird conclusion you jumped to, which is that anyone who hasn’t played MGS3 by now took too long and are also weak for being bothered by spoilers this long after the original release.

Plenty of people without chest hair will try this remake as their first exposure to MGS3. It’s not somebody’s fault or weakness if they were born in 2010 and had better things to do than play MGS3 prior to this remake. The world doesn’t revolve around you

Aphrodia5h ago

And no one who hasn't played this game yet will know what the hell he's referring too. sensitive, delicate, snowflake.....

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Inverno20h ago

Have an agree, if people haven't bothered playing a 20 year old game and get mad at spoilers then they should stay out of enthusiast posts.

just_looken17h ago

Right and this article has series/game spoilers