Call of Juarez 1up Preview

Think of Call of Juarez as a sponge -- it borrows elements and ideas from just about everything associated with the wild west. And based on what 1up played recently, it would be a mistake to let this one slip by without a look.

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dalectrics4493d ago

..or does no one particularly care for this game - i swear it's been sitting in the Pending section for about 8 years. Gun ripoff by the looks of it.

Oh well, if you wana be Billy The Kid, I'm not going to stop you.

Scrooge4493d ago

This isn't a Gun ripoff. You can't have every game set in the old west being a ripoff of Gun. That's a very shallow way of looking at games.

FCOLitsjustagame4493d ago

I intend to get this game when released. Most of the people that played it on PC (admittedly few) seemed to like it well enough and we can always use more good westerns.