Final Fantasy XIII: Volumes Of New Info Revealed At GamesCom 2009

Square Enix was quite generous with their info at the recent GamesCom gathering, revealing not only a number of new game features, but a possible release date too. Among some of the new information revealed are the existence of two new female characters, Xbox 360 release info and an all new gameplay system known as "Paradigm Shift".

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frnkyl3557d ago

Are they finally gonna release it this decade?

NothingToGainButLove3557d ago

I much rather they make sure its top notch before they release it. Much like I want GT5 to be.

If its not top quality, then why bother, even though its gonna sell like hot cakes.

Saaking3557d ago

Nope, it'll be released in 2010 so technically that's next decade.

sunnygrg3557d ago

"The English voice overs will be properly lip synced. Dual language options, however, are unlikely."

I was hoping otherwise.

frnkyl3557d ago

But isn't the Japanese version already done?

KillaManiac3557d ago

I extremely doubt their will be dual language ATLEAST on the 360 version just b/c they are having enough time fitting the game itself on SE's projected 3 discs.

Jmlopezbr3557d ago

Depends... technically it will be released in 09... in Japan...

As least NA/EU only have to wait half a year compared to other localizations.

Now time for TGS... only a month away, and there will be tons of new info there.

Swiftfox3557d ago

" "The English voice overs will be properly lip synced. Dual language options, however, are unlikely."

I was hoping otherwise."

You and I both. I was hoping such a feature would become standard this generation.

GameGambits3556d ago

I'm not a math wizard or anything, but FF12 came out in 2006. It's now 2009. That's 3 years to get it to Japan, and a few extra months to get it to the rest of the world. Not even a full 4 years.

I think people forget the reason FF10-12 were so easily released within each others time frame was it was the same console and they didn't need to build a new graphics engine or vastly improve on the one they have like t hey did with PS3 and 360. FF7-9 and spin off titles all came out fairly fast as well since they were on the same console.

I want to see any of us here try to develop that big of a graphical leap in the time they've done it. Killzone 2 took what, 5 years? RE5 took 4 or 5 years? If FF13 took 3 years to go from PS2 era graphics to what we are seeing now then we should be praising that fact.(Plenty to rip on SE for otherwise, but this isn't one of them)

I'm sure we'll see FF15 in 2 years from now or maybe 3 since FFvs13 is still in need of developing.

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theflyingfool3557d ago

Can't wait for this game :) granted i'm more stoked for vs, but 13 is going to be cool 2 :)

PS3is4D3557d ago

In the Year 2010, gamers will go broke and the videogame industry is going to take over Hollywood.

Seriously how big can 2010 get?

Bioshock 2 - Mass Effect 2 - God of War III - MAG - Gran Turismo 5 - Halo Reach - FFXIII - Splinter Cell: Conviction - Alan Wake - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - The Last Guardian - Dead Rising 2 - Lost Planet 2 - Star Wars: The Old Republic - Quantum Theory - Bayonetta.

I wonder what happens in 2011?

Timesplitter143557d ago

people were saying this about 2008 too

FiftyFourPointTwo3557d ago

2011 - Final Fantasy Versus XIII NA/EU simultaneous release that's what will happen because most likely Versus XIII will be released late next year in Japan.

StillGray3557d ago

The game will see a Winter 2009/2010 release in Japan. I'd expect the International version to be released in Fall 2010 at the latest.

Timesplitter143557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Cool, but the guy does sound like a huge PS3 fanboy

EDIT : You guys are hypocrites, sometimes. You're all saying "oh and I hate fanboys" in your profiles but you only denounce them when they're from the other "ennemy" camp.

super x3557d ago

"The English voice overs will be properly lip synced. Dual language options, however, are unlikely."

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