A Video Game A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at video games and how they can benefit you and be good for your health. It turns out playing video games has its advantages.

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PrimordialSoupBase3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

It's fine to play games but only people who are trying to fool themselves would say that there are any kind of substantial health benefits.

Advantages gained in terms of mental dexterity and problem solving are sorely undermined by the fact that many gamers (sure, not all) prefer to spend the majority of their time playing games rather than engaging in other activities. A lack of physical health undermines mental advantages. And regardless, playing games is hardly a more productive mental activity than engaging intellect through reading.

Go Gaming Giant3562d ago

thanks and the thing is if you think bout it, a lot of it makes sense

Dogswithguns3562d ago

Yep, it's true. Im living prove.

table3562d ago

lol! I don't know if you were joking... You would be "living proof" not "living prove". hehe

G3Ben3562d ago

My thoughts have always been: Video games most certainly improve mental health, but they do nothing to improve physical health, which is mostly more important.

Great read though!

Go Gaming Giant3562d ago

what about the Wii for physical health? Wii Fit?

thegreatest78843562d ago

The biggest improvement I've seen from gaming is I have amazing hand eye coordination. But that article brought up some good points.

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The story is too old to be commented.