PlayStation 3 European Launch Bundle Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has this morning released details of the official retail bundle that will be available to European consumers on September 1st, 2009, with the launch of the recently revealed PlayStation 3. A substantial redesign, the new PlayStation 3 will be available at a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of £249.99.

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Berserk13564d ago


Dark_Vendetta3564d ago

Finally time for me to get one. Count me in as a proud owner of Ps3 Slim + 360

Already bought MGS4, LBP, and Killzone 2. Only a few days left :)

3564d ago
rockleex3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Cloud Strife will already went back towards the past by then.

He will knew what did happen in a few weeks.

*Starting to sound REAL scary right now with that past-tense/future-tense* O_O

Hopefully he brings us news that Square Enix will be remaking FF7 exclusively for the PS3 after all. ^_^

kunit22c3564d ago

Could someone please convert this into US dollars? because if its from $300 dollars originally to the bundle dropping to $250 I will definitely get this day one!

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gamerdude113564d ago

I don't understand the obsession with packing in an HDMI cable. Sony provides the proprietary composite cable in the bundle. Why do they need to provide a HDMI cable? Microsoft finally came to this conclusion and removed the HDMI from all of their skus.

The $8 HDMI cable you can buy from monoprice or newegg is much better than the much cheaper HDMI cable a console maker would provide.

masterg3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

True. Plus half the people buying next gen consoles don't have an HD tv.

wUTTer3564d ago

Yea that's true. I also think sony should add a little checkoff list in the box.


PS3PCFTW3564d ago

before the ps3 slim the kids would say:
its too expensive
its ugly and looks like a microwave
it has no games
who needs bluray

NOW the same kids who couldnt afford one before are saying:

why did sony remove the glossy black finish?
what happened to linux?
no memory card readers?
no chrome accents?
Sony u FAIIIILL...waaaaaahhh sniff, cry

my conclusion? its just immature kids who dont matter in the grand scheme of things. Kids who dont have money and high definition setups, kids who wont buy games, and finally, kids who should have no business gaming.

if they didnt want the older skus because they were too expensive, and now the slim doesnt appeal to them.....then why not just stick to another hobby. SERIOUSLY.

The Killer3564d ago

i wanna buy a ps3, but i dont have HDTV yet, what is the cheapest HDTV that support 720p resolution? name/version/company name would be helpful!

many thanks!

blackpanther253564d ago

check out this website:

idk if they are really good. all i know is that vizio is new and they have been selling their tv's for a super cheap price

The Killer3564d ago

thanks, i will check it out!


vickers5003564d ago

Well they should at least come with component cables [IMO]. That would be nice. And a headset. I know that you can get the headsets cheap, and that most people probably already own a BT headset, but there are a lot of casuals out there who have no idea that you can even use it as a mic.

If Sony were to pack one in with the slim, then the noobs and casuals would see it and be like "Woah, I can talk to people while playing games?". It's sad to say, but some people don't know just how great the ps3 is and how many features it has. Though I am a LITTLE bit glad that they don't include headsets, because after spending some time in XBL, I would hate to hear the voices of screaming racist 13 year olds who spout profanity every chance they get because they think it's "cool".

I just wish it wasn't a ghost town every time I go online though.

deshon093563d ago

a 22" vizo for 250 at sams clubs full 1080 p yeah i know it should be oh the vizo site and the sams club site

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CherryLu-Chan3564d ago

So the Euro 'Bundle' that's 'revealed' is ... no bundle at all.

I intend on getting a slim and the only UK retailer to currently tip their hat towards something is HMV, who are offering either Far Cry 2, Quantum Of Solace or Assassins Creed with the console at no extra cost. Not a great choice, but better than nothing at all.

Currently nothing listed from Amazon, Play or Gamestation. I had a wander into Game and the lad behind the counter said they expected them to do something closer to the time, with something in store possibly early next week.

King-Nax3564d ago

We will most likely bundle it with 1 or 2 games at no extra cost. Usually one of them is a Sony Published Title.

Szarky3564d ago

Do not get Far Cry 2. So many better games out there. Visually the game is stunning but it gets damn repetitive.

leeger3564d ago

if I were sony I would make an advertisemnet comparing the features of both the 360 and PS3.
360 Elite: $299
PS3: $299
WIFI: 360 - none (additional $99)
Online: 360 - $50/year
HDD: 360 - 120gb (no available higher capacity atm)
PS3 - 120gb (upgradeable to any 2.5"HDD)
BLURAY Movie Playback: 360 - NONE

Glen953564d ago

Somehow I don't think Sony would get away with that without a bigass lawsuit...

leeger3564d ago

why? they are just telling the truth. And also Apple has been directly criticiing windows in their commercial and is not getting any lawsuits. Heck my suggestion is not even a direct criticism towards the 360

wUTTer3564d ago

Or maybe replace the word "360" with "Competitor". that should do the trick... imagine if they made big posters and banners lol.

Information Minister3564d ago

It wouldn't be much different from the days of "Genesis does what Nintendon't". And besides, Sony could always file a counter lawsuit using this:

rockleex3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

They already have this going for them. ^_^

Szarky3564d ago

Wow, that's brilliant.

Knightrid8083564d ago

If they do that, not only are they advertising their products but also Microsoft. I doubt they want to do cross-advertising.

And besides, if Microsoft decides to drop the price on their proprietary hard drives, Wi-Fi adapter, or Live, they could sue Sony to pull down the ad since it would come as misleading advertising.

god_o_war3564d ago

OMG @rockleex

that is by far the best piece of PS3 advertisement EVER!!!!

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