The Console Wars And The Fan Boys

Fan boys are like "minions" to the companies, the "minions" try and spread the word about how much better a console is from another, and if someone disagrees with a fan boy preaching, you will soon see the inner 7 year old...

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Crazyglues3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Why? Well the simple answer is, if you do not own both systems you can not judge.

Most fanboys only own the system they think is great.

And most fanboys can't handle the truth, you want the truth - here it is- (I own both systems) So here is a unbiased opinion.

--WARNING!!!-- the truth may hurt.

THERE BOTH GREAT SYSTEMS... period. yeah shocker, I know...LoL PS3 and 360 both do around the same graphic marks. (It all depends on the game, some games have really pushed the system) The truth is they both have games that Look amazing - They are both finding ways to push the level of detail... to a never expected level for a console.

The thing that is so funny about this is that, both the 360 and the PS3 have similar Graphic cards in them. So of course the graphics are going to be close.

The only way to surpass that level is to tweak the system, (tricks to pull out more performance) both systems can be tweaked.

Only real difference that you will start to see is in disc space. Where PS3 has blu-ray. That extra space will start to play a part in how games will be in the future, 1 disc or 3.

Also 360 came out a whole year before PS3, so the fact that 360 is still fighting it out with PS3, shows that it was indeed a great system.

So please stop the fanboy comments, they really are both great systems, So let's just talk about the Games. Because no matter how amazing a system is, at the end of the day it's what you play on it, if you have nothing amazing to play then who cares if the system is amazing.

Games people, never forget you are a GAMER first- I think fanboys forget what you really care about is, the games.

PS3PCFTW3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

what i did was the following:

i stated all my beliefs, logical thinking and predictions about 2 years ago. I then dissapeared and let reality sink in to the nonbelievers.

Now im back, after all the things i said came true.

this used to be a pro360 site back when devs had no idea how to properly use the ps3. lolz

I love being right......but not as much as i love my girl(hence i let her win all arguments). lolz

Im a fan of gaming, and for a while we seemed to be stuck on the u3 engine.To me thats the worst that could happen. fortunately ,Theres a shift in the industry right now, and i feel like we are once again pushing games forward thanks to sony's first party games.

shout out to zhuk, firstknight and the mart @ xbox kings. I knew you guys would dissapear once my reality sank into your skulls.

Zeevious3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I'm all for what you NOW be for all gaming consoles because of the great games & against console fanatics --

-- But to now claim you left for two years after stating your views...they all came are an omniscient god among console cultists is simply not supported by your own comments.

What YOU did was be the very, screaming ConsoleX "fan" you are now denouncing...spouting words like "Xbot" "Xtroll" & "X____" from every third sentence!
and various deleted/mod comments.

...and I was one of the people who took your bubbles -- and I only owned a PS3 then.

I took them not because I worship some manufacturer or console, but because of your constant attacks & comments toward other gamers...plain and simple.

It's the same reason everyone here should click "Disagree" & "DeBubbl'ate" anyone here like you.

Your comment history is clear...trying to claim otherwise & that you've run off people who still post here is more of an explanation of WHY you have a single bubble & haven't posted in years...than anything else I could say.


HarryM3559d ago

Yeah, I also own both the PS3 and Xbox 360, but not the Wii, and I have to say, they are both amazing.

They both have good points and bad points, they both have something that is better than the other.

Kinetix3559d ago

It used to be funny but now it gets sad and annoying. Kinda like when someone tickles you but doesn't know when to stop, after a while you want to bash their face in.

Kaze_No_Kidoban3559d ago

they don't really annoy me but when they start calling names ect thats when they annoy me or like "Sir Ken_Kutaragi" what the hell is up with his/her comments they make no sense atoll

foxtheory3559d ago

seem like they never enjoy gaming. It's like they're trying to prove something when there's really nothing to prove. True gamers don't keep track of points, they enjoy games for what they are.

Fanboys do not equal gamers.

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