BlizzCon 09: All about Battle.Net and StarCraft II

GameArena has the full report from Rob Pardo's and StarCraft II discussion. Within Pardo outlines the new framework and the key priorities Blizzard faced when trying to move the StarCraft community to a broader base.

Included are outlines of the new messaging client will feature, interoperability across Blizzard games, and the rationale for LAN play not being available in StarCraft II.

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Panthers3563d ago

Good. Tired of hearing about WoW and Diablo 3. Hope they dont say the beta has been pushed back.

Daver3563d ago

Tired of hearing about diablo 3? they didnt release any infos about it for like a year.. if you are tired of something it must be about starcraft 2 and its yet to be announced release date that is taking forever

So Easy I Can Do It3563d ago

tired of diablo 3? blizzcon was all about sc? it was all about WoW. I'm sick of wow. Moar diablo 3 info plz.

Twizzlada_Shogun3562d ago

If they released news any faster, by the time the game came out we'd know everything. Considering 2010 release date is apparently out of the question.