Interview: Independent Live Arcade Developers

This feature article at entitled 'The Next Small Thing' contains a roundtable interview with Joshua Glazer (Chief Technical Officer of Naked Sky Entertainment), Greg Canessa (PopCap Games' Vice President of Emerging Platforms) and Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham talking about the current climate and future of Live Arcade. In particular they discuss how the increased size limit on downloadable arcade games has affected their work.

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Papacharinonanadan4490d ago

It'd be a shame if little developers like these were forced out by the sheer volume of larger games. I easily spend more time playing games like Geometry Wars and Zuma than full-priced games.

G_CodeMonkey4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

There's a tremendous potential there. I appreciate the diverse titles available, including Catan. M$, bring on more board games-- Risk, Axis & Allies, and something akin to the DS' Clubhouse Games (a single game that has quaint versions of chess and a ton of other games). If they did a version similar to Clubhouse games and included it with the system, moms and more non-gamers/casual gamers would snap the 360 up. With XBL, its shameful to not have a version of Risk or Axis & Allies available to quickly dominate the world with! gCM

nirwanda4490d ago

roboblitz uses a texture compression technic that fits 100meg of textures fit into 2meg they should be selling this technology to the big name dev's, even with half the 360's memory for textures you would fit over 12gig in.

And if you used half a DVD 9 you would have 250gig of textures

SlappingOysters4489d ago

Give me good old faithful monopoly!

Diselage4489d ago

If they make good original IP's they will sell and Microsoft will bring in more just like them. It's all in their court to produce good games.