NZGamer: Lego Rock Band Hands On

NZGamer writes: "I love LEGO. I love Rockband. So ideally LEGO Rockband should be one mind exploding experience. But I still can't quite understand WHY these two awesome things have come together. Good news is though, it doesn't matter. LEGO Rockband is a heap of fun.

I got a chance to try it at GamesCom as Aaron from Harmonix explained how they gave Traveller's Tales (the creators of the other LEGO titles) full access to their Rockband engine. The end result really is the perfect combination of the two worlds. For starters all of the in-game presentation carries that tattoo-like art style of Rockband but instead the elements are recognisable as LEGO pieces. Shark-heads, little LEGO mini-figs with tattoos and plastic swords form decorative emblems through-out the menu screens. In fact I didn't realise just how cool this game could potentially be until I saw it load up in front of me".

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