District 17: Half-Life Nostalgia Jogged by District 9

District 9 was a sci-fi film that featured the debut of director Neil Blomkamp produced by Peter Jackson. They dropped production of the upcoming Halo movie and worked together to churn out District 9. Half-Life 2, like District 9, is both technically brilliant, emotionally wrenching, and is an action packed adventure that leaves your jaw on the floor when after all is done. This piece is in no way intending that Neil Blomkamp blatantly copied Half-Life 2 for in the creation of District 9. This is just merely for fun.

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Pandamobile3562d ago

Yeah, I noticed a lot of HL similarities in District 9. I was expecting to see some actual Halo movie left overs but was presently surprised with the HL nostalgia :)

AndrewE3562d ago

totally man. the entire atmosphere did it for me also.

Major_Tom3562d ago

Was probably one of the best damn movie mad in the last five years.

Timesplitter143562d ago

Well I thought the white assault rifles looked a lot like Halo's but that's about it.

Anyway I LOVE how the movie turned out and it became my favorite sci-fi action movie ever

The Great Melon3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I too really enjoyed District 9 last weekend. I don't often see science fiction movies that captured the atmosphere it did. This definitely goes down so far as my favorite movie of 2009 and will remain as one of my overall favorites.

UnwanteDreamz3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I love Science Fiction and because I love it I feel the need to say that Half Life, District 9, and Halo are not original stories with original locatons. These games borrow plenty from the genre and anyone commenting on them should understand that this stuff is par for the course.

While all may be great entertainment lets not start pretending that these themes have not been used before.

All that being said District 9 reminded me more of Half Life.

Major_Tom3562d ago

The only thing District 9 is reminiscent of is Alien Nation and that movie flat out sucks.

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OhMyGandhi3562d ago

haha, totally agree.
movie was bad ass.

and it had flares of half life and halo.

best cg I've seen in a LONG TIME, and done on a rather modest budget.

Tomarcus3562d ago

As a science fiction movie, of course it will run parallels to other science fiction games and books. Good article though.

Timesplitter143562d ago

Strange that he didn't mention the gravity gun, which is arguably the most obvious Half-Life reference

Tomarcus3562d ago

He said he is writing a pt.2, but who knows how pertinent it will be when he does...

AndrewE3562d ago

I'm sorry missed the pig launcher. I totally agree with you though. The mech he was in reminded me of DOG in HL2 also.

Saaking3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I saw district 9 recently and it was an AWESOME movie. One of if not the best I've seen this year. It seemed so original and fresh and the acting was very good. Just a great movie. If they choose this director to make Halo I'll watch it.