G4TV: Modern Warfare 2 Co-Op Preview

G4TV writes: "When I found out Modern Warfare 2 would be shown behind closed doors at GamesCom this year, dreams of single-player and multiplayer details danced through my head. When I found out we'd be seeing Modern Warfare 2's new co-op mode, Spec Ops, I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, what I have to report is all aces. In fact, I was underwhelmed by this mode".

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Sitdown3560d ago

"Unfortunately, what I have to report is all aces. "

Shouldn't it be that it "is/was not" all aces?

Mozilla893560d ago

It seems the author of the article thinks that something being ace is bad. Anyways I'm kinda disappointed with the co-op mode if its only going to be 5-10 min missions.

I know the game is going to be great but I wonder if they added it just so they can say they have 4 player co-op too.

Blaze9293560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

well thats the even more sad part, its only up to 2 players co-op. Robert Bowling was talking about how they thought it was the sweet spot yadda yadda yadda blah blah.

This seems like a tacked on mode so like you said, they can say they have co-op too. By the tone of the article, the mode sounds really lame...which is lame. As for the length though, they say it was inspired by Mile High Club which could be completed in under a minute. So seems these Spec Ops missions are nothing but quick run through missions to do.

I just wouldve preferred story mode co-op, thats what matters.

mrv3213560d ago

Possipility of DLC? We all know COD 6 will get DLC... and they are making it along side the game to rip you off even further.

MGOelite3560d ago

by sounds of it ill be sticking to uncharted 2 co-op

DriftMax3560d ago

Why bring uncharted into this? considering uncharted isn't even the same genre of this game let alone in the same league as the cod series. (IW cods that is)

SRU96003560d ago

"Why bring uncharted into this?"

Insecurity and bitterness.

This place is full of it. lol

divideby03560d ago

The only reason I was going to buy this game was because of a stellar CoOP mode.
I dont like COD MP, so I just rent the games and finish SP within a few days.
I was hoping the CoOP mode would be long and deep....dang...
between the potential price hike and from this read = no buy for me rental

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