Sony in the Process of Rebranding Itself w/new logo, box art, and more

With the announcement of the PS3 Slim (not officially called the PS3 Slim) we have been seeing new things coming from Sony on the PS3. As in a previous article, Sony planning new PS3 Box art with PS3 Slim Announcement?, Sony is now in the process of rebranding it's flagship PS3 in the market. With the announcement of the PS3 Slim, it was more than just a new version of the PS3. It was a whole rebranding process with a new logo to go with it. The final design of the box art has been released and is shown in the new image from the Gundam bundle box. On the left you could see the new PS3 logo on the box, without PLAYSTATION 3 in Spider-Man font on the side, and with a MUCH cleaner look.

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Zedux3565d ago

the ps3 slim is the best video gaming machine ever released. it has the best ever hardware which in turn give us the best ever quality games! I just feel for M$'s 360 owners who are stuck with a garbage and must lie to themselves trying to believe that M$ (lol) has got the best hardware i.e. games!

Sitdown3565d ago

1.)"Ever released"? It has not even been released yet.
2.)Going off of the specs, I prefer my 60gb PS3
3.)PC gamers will challenge the "best video gaming machine ever released"
4.)Often times when you bash the competition, you can see flashes of insecurity. Why are you trying so hard to convince yourself that the ps3 is the best, and that the 360 is garbage? What does it really matter to you? You enjoy what you like...and let other enjoy what they prefer.

inbfour3565d ago

I totally agree with you. I'm anticipating the launch of the slim greatly but jeeze. This guy needs to calm down and Sit Down.(Ah ah ah ah)

kaelix3565d ago

"Why are you trying so hard to convince yourself that the ps3 is the best, and that the 360 is garbage?"

This "54.2%" is just as good as garbage.

Sunny_D3565d ago

I think he may be Nas!m, lol

tehReaper3565d ago

"This "54.2%" is just as good as garbage."

Using a percentage from a poll of only 5000 people like it's fact is garbage, friend. Yeah the 360 has RROD. Get over it and just let gamers game.

FamilyGuy3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Considering the majority of people who subscribe to GameInformer or are part of their online community are "Gamers" as apposed to "casual gamers" it would seem that this new number SHOULD be used here as the majority of us game beyond what is considered casually. Simply put - WE ARE PART OF THAT MINORITY.

You get what I'm saying? The number should mean more to us because those people game on their systems about as much as we do. That does mean that the PS3 is really high too, but still a 5th of M$s problem.

You should probably either start ignoring people who reference that new number or get use to it because it seems like it's taking over as the new number in the gaming world (online at least). Blame GameInformer, they're the "respected gaming publication" that posted the poll.

whoelse3564d ago

It is a good move for Sony, because they really need to revive their image associated with the PS3.

sonic9893564d ago

i like the ps3 games so much and that the most important thing not bashing others ( unless they bash you first then let them have it )
and about the logo i hate it i prefer the old one which was unique
actually very unique that most of the casual gamers couldn't understand Lol

Sarick3564d ago

The cheaper blu-ray drive and system cooling are yet to seen. Lets wait and see if these factors play a role in the slims reliability before making announcements about it being the best.

It's going to sell good based on pre-orders though.

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mrv3213565d ago

Buy having a different box art it wants to seperate itself from the fat version plus they want to create a new universal product...

The fat PS3 was very confusing with it's

20gb, 40gb, 60gb bc, 60gb semi bc, 80gb, 120gb and 160gb.

So yeah by having just two version 120gb and 250 with it's only difference is hard drive size... that will stop confusion.

PS360PCROCKS3565d ago

Oh man I have told droves of people and everyone is confused. People don't know what's what with the PS3, it's changed so many times.

Sarick3564d ago

wouldn't it be nice if the 250 had BC upgrade capacity??

Ri0tSquad3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Almost seems like a completely new system. I like the new boxart. I guess that PlayStation 3 logo when you start a game will be gone as well.

PS360PCROCKS3565d ago

I don't like that it's switching to "PS3" Heres the thing ever since I was a kid it's been "Playstation" and we referred to it as the PS1, PS2 and PS3. I like that it's the playstation and wish it would stay that way but I guess's like calling the xbox 360 the "360" we all say it but wouldn't it be weird if it was just the 360?

DonCorneo3565d ago

i smell a sell-out in japan w=once this is released

Ninver3565d ago

They've been through the most thorough of M$'s braiwashing camp for knob jockeys lol. Don't worry about them. They are the trailer park breed of our gaming community. They opted for a turd and they will eventually face their inevitable fate (54.2%) lol. It's almost a given exclusive.

bdrowned3565d ago

Ah, but PS3's are already nearly sold out in japan. as i believe i recall reading an article about japan's PS3 supply is running low.

I'm one of those guys who thinks sony should keep their original trademarked logo. there's nothing old with fresh and new ideas, but they had the logo for so long.

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