UKGameNews Review: Battlefield 1943

UKGameNews writes: "Remaking old games is not a new thing to the Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network. Some of them have been great, others not so. Battlefield 1943 is an online World War II first person shooter. Gamers play as either the United States Marine Corps (USMC) or the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). There are 4 maps in the game, one of which is a plane only air battle which was unlocked after community players obtained 43 million kills. There are 3 playable classes, Infantrymen, Riflemen and Scouts, each with their own selection of weapons. Players have unlimited reloads, and regenerate health. As well as this, there are different types of drivable vehicles, such as jeeps, boats, tanks and planes. Gun emplacements are also located around the maps and usable. Players can call in air raids on a specific area. The aim of the game is to capture flags to gain points. The first team to reach the target wins..."

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