Destructoid: WET Preview

Destructoid writes: "WET is one of those games that had to jump through special hoops to simply exist. Since the game was one of those victims of the Activision Blizzard merger, the very fact that the game still exists is a fortunate sign. Considering that female lead, Rubi Malone, is the one who does the killing, it's nice to see that the product of Artificial Mind and Movement, as well as Bethesda, is finally going to be released.

Considering that the September 15 launch is fast approaching, it was decided that the press take a look at the finished build of the game. While I saw some of the same levels that Dyson saw back in E3, I also had the opportunity to play around later on, with a more powerful Rubi. After an hour and a half of flipping, shooting and all that lies between, I got a pretty decent taste of this grindhouse game. Hit the jump, and see if this game is worth your time next month".

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