PSPgo retail package peek

Here's the retail pack shot of the upcoming PSPgo. It's a complement to the package of the newly announced PlayStation 120GB system (which features a red accent instead of blue). Another picture of the packaging came from Sony's posting.

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Nitrowolf23565d ago

i see sony making it familiar to their PS3 slim box.

LiquifiedArt3565d ago

I'm really liking the branding. I like how the boxs have a unified look with slightly different color themes. It makes sense. Pool all the Playstation Family Products together.

KwietStorm3565d ago

It's not just the shipping box either. The new PS3 game cases look like PSP cases now. Sony is re-branding their product with the new slim model, the price and upcoming aggressive marketing, the reintroduction of the "Play-Stay-Shun" at the end of their commercials, and even streamlining the shipping box art. I see good things ahead.

Sev3565d ago

Agreed, Sony is definitely back on the right path.

FamilyGuy3565d ago

The new Slim and Go! boxes look great, they actually look like a presents. The color strip is the ribbon and the device (PS3/Psp) is the bow on the ribbon. Cleverly attractive looking.

whoelse3565d ago

They look better than the slim ones actually. The PS3 Slim would look better vertical on the box art.

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Gambit073565d ago

Didn't know there is a white one at launch...

Sev3565d ago



I saw this retail box back in April...

I had the original internal mock-up PDF from Sony.