Oh noes: PS3 is sold out in Tokyo

Destructoid.com: It looks like the PS3 is sold out in Tokyo. Why? We're not sure. It could have something to do with Summer Comiket (yummy cosplay here at Japanator), or it might be that people are off work because of the holiday (Obon). Or it might be that Sony is up to something.

Regardless, Akibablog reports that all the stores in the Akihabara area are sold out of PS3s. They say that one store staffer said that there has been no PS3 shipment for almost two weeks. Big stores, like Gamers, Sofmap, and Asobit, were all cleaned out, with some saying that they will not be able to reorder.

"According to a staff at one of the stores, "we have not gotten PS3 for more than 2 weeks, and it disappeared from a list of items we are able to place an order to a wholesale store. On top of that, since now is during summer vacation, people purchase products more than usual. So, there is no stock left."

This could have something to do with the recently announced PS3 Slim and the price drop. Maybe they're clearing the old stuff out first.

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shingo5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

i'll also add to those reasons: ffxiii coming out soon over there.

sunnygrg5150d ago

It is sold out. And people wonder why the 360 outsold the PS3 last week in Japan.

Harry_Manback5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

I just received an email from amazon concerning the status of my ps3 slim pre-order. The estimated arrival date is AUGUST 26TH!!!

GameGambits5150d ago

Sony just put a check on the other two. Nintendo and Microsoft SHOULD be worried. It's not just that the PS3 is now cheaper, but it has more games than the other two that all sorts of gamers will want to play. This holiday season I expect the PS3 to do the best sales wise by a land slide. 360 has an expansion pack coming out and so far this year had Ninja Blade. Nintendo put out ....well they didn't put out a thing really. At least the Japanese got MH3 for their wii.

Now the PS3 list of exclusives just for this year are:
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
Demon's Souls

That's 4 big hitters right there for different genres. In Japan they'll get FF13 as well for this year on PS3.

Why would anyone in their right mind now pick a 360 or a Wii over a PS3. 300 price tag, most games, and most functionality of a machine for not just games but other media. Free online too AND doesn't have RROD.

Seriously someone spin me a fanboy way of why a 360 is now a better choice. 2 exclusives:Gears 2 and Halo 3...and people are STILL talking about Halo 3 lol. I mean seriously 360 fanboys you are STILL talking about Halo 3... does it make you sad that no games come out for your machine, and the ones that do are available on PC as well?

The only thing left for Sony to do in my book to check mate the 360 is to give us cross game party voice chat and it is game over. That's just me.

Sarcasm5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

Waiting for commodore to come in here

"Bu bu but the 360 doubled last week!!!"

randomwiz5150d ago

The ps3 does have some nice holiday exclusives, which might bring in some people, but the real reason ps3 will end this year with amazing sales is because of GT5. GT5 is to Sony as Halo is to Microsoft

usern4g5150d ago

The Ps3 is sold out BECAUSE THEY HAVENT BEEN SHIPPING THEM to prepare the channel for the smaller unit.

Nothing to see here.

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PirateThom5150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

Maybe it's because retailers haven't got stock in about 2 weeks?! You think?!

Godmars2905150d ago

Sold out is still - almost - sold out.

Nitrowolf25150d ago (Edited 5150d ago )

dude Its the slim, just wait sony will reveal it at gameco...
wait a minute, dajavu.

i think its old

Nitrowolf25150d ago

isn't this because of that shortage they had? sony preparing for slim in japan and wants to get all the old models out