Wii and PS3 sales neck and neck in Australia

Units sales of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 (PS3) were neck and neck in Australia in the quarter ending 31 March 2007.Nintendo's Wii console sold 28,000 units, while the PS3 sold 27,000 units, according to recently released figures from market research company Gfk Australia. By comparison, 20,000 Xbox 360s were sold....

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lil bush4489d ago

well, its good to see sony competing.......

Firewire4489d ago

When exactly did the 360 launch in Australia?
If they had the one year lead there ,like N.A
those are some sad numbers for the 360!
It really looks like the 360 is a failure everywhere except

dbug3604489d ago

Firewire 360 come out in Australia on March 23rd 2006 , exactly one year before PS3

PhinneousD4488d ago

your such an ignorant fanboy... it's showing figures of the first quarter of 07. duuuuh hut. xbox has been around for more than a year there sooo it's expected. jaded retard. are you done sucking the tit of sony.

anyways, i do agree, good for sony.

Odion4489d ago

Sony beating MS in AU by 7000
Sony Beating MS in Japan by 8000
Sony Loosing to MS in America by 80 000
UK figures are unknown.

that is all

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The story is too old to be commented.