IGN: Cheers & Tears: DS Fighting Games

IGN writes: "Fighters are few and far-between on Nintendo's two-screened handheld. Though the device has been on the market in America now for nearly five years, the amount of interesting selections published to the fighting genre in the DS library is small indeed -- there's only a handful of truly notable titles.

(It also hasn't helped that some of the best fighting designs created for the DS haven't managed to achieve an official release in America.)

There are still a few solid ways to get your fighting fix on the go, though, and several paths for you to avoid walking down as well -- so we're here with our latest edition of Cheers & Tears, picking apart the fighting genre on DS and helping you separate the best from the worst. You can start the fight with our picks for five Cheer-worthy titles just below, or you can move right along to Round 2 by clicking here for the five lowest-tier competitors we could come up with. Ready? Fight!"

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I gots Bleach and I want to get Naruto: Ninja Destiny as well but it might have to wait.