Fracture Literally Changes The Playing Field For Xbox 360/PS3

LucasArts said right from the start, two years ago, that they wanted to focus on gameplay not graphics; that the next generation had to be about the evolution of play mechanics. Well, if Lucas believes that the next-generation of gameplay hasn't started yet, it will definitely begin with a game like Fracture, and there's a trailer to prove it.

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Shadow Flare4492d ago

Really clever stuff. I'd like to see how this pans out. They need to change the look of the character though, in the video he looks a bit like Forest Gump in 'Naam but other than that its a stroke of genius

lil bush4492d ago

seen the trailer a couple days ago but yeah this game looks sick really cant wait............

and lair, oh so soon........

sak5004492d ago

..something refreshing, although to me the charcter looks like the black dude from Crackdown. I remember playing Red Faction which purported this deformation long time back. But what they achieved was very limited and only extended to areas which required you to blow up caves walls to move further, one couldn't deform everything. But now i think LA have managed to do something gamers have wanted for a long time. Although Battlefield Bad Company is also hyping their new destructable environment engine, lets see who pulls if off better. Can't wait for both of these to come.

Siesser4492d ago

This doesn't look like a Monkey Island game -_-

Kidding, kidding. The game looks really interesting and immersive. One thing I'm looking forward to in the next-gen, which I can't claim to have ever felt before, is for a game to be so thoroughly developed that I really feel I can do anything. Most games don't lead you toward taking creative paths towards resolving a conflict outside of just running straight ahead and gunning. I hear Half-Life was supposed to be a major "You think it, you can do it" kind of game, but I'm not big into FPS, despite having Resistance (which had minor such instances, but were from staged environments).

A game where everything is destructable/deformable seems to be a step in the right direction for that; when you looking not for the neon-lit path that the developers constructed for you to get through a level, but rather, thinking on your feet how best to handle a situation without knowing where the exit is. That's one method of getting more immersion in my eyes. The other is character interaction and control. The two games I've become most immersed in are Indigo Prophecy and SotC, mostly because of control. They both felt like open games, where you made all the decisions and were scripting the action more than following a script, especially IP. SotC was obviously a bit more linear, but when you approached a Collosus, it still felt like you were thinking you way through things on your feet; "how do I get up there, can I use that terrain, his turning radius is slow, etc." Indigo Prophecy was just so well thought out that you controlled everything from where you sat to whether you ate, how fast, paid the tip, etc. You ended up thinking in terms of I, and not in terms of "the character," which is the mindset I usually find myself in with games.

drtysouf214492d ago

Wow that looks interesting. I'll have to check that out when it is released.

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The story is too old to be commented.