The first 10 minutes: Blue Dragon downloadable content

Microsoft and Mistwalker released just a few days ago the first real downloadable content for Blue Dragon, a rather nice 300 points and 18 MB download. This adds a new dungeon right before the end of the game, and since it's randomly generate it's quite replayable.

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consolecrusader4488d ago

I am a Sony fanboy to the death, but this game may be the only reason why I would buy a 360....I might just rent one from Blockbuster. I dunno why they made this game for the 360 when the RPG market is minimal there. I mean this game sold 50k in Japan....and its been out like what 8 months there?

Lex Luthor4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

The game has sold over 200,000 copies in japan only according to sakaguchi.

Saint Sony4488d ago

Really sweet game, I'm happy this came for 360. Can't wait for the European release. Cool to see they do downloadable content for it as well.

snoop_dizzle4488d ago

its kinda weird.

I haven't heard about that many RPGs for sony. Probably a lot more will come out later.

dknight4487d ago

I like the combat sys.
At first it kinda reminds me of WoW but then it just gets better.

FeralPhoenix4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

WOW...I'm not a big RPG fan but I don't know maybe I'm getting soft in my older age, I usually go for realism in graphic's, -now that doesn't mean I don't think gameplay is just as important or more, I just prefer realism over cartoon style and although I'm still not in love with the whole turn based fighting style, this game does have alot of appeal.

-Damm, I have a strange way of saying I like a game, OK so I'll just say what I really mean and spare you guys my life story; uhmm this game looks like a lot fun to play. I might give it a try, and oh yeah I've noticed that too snoop dizzle (love the name, BTW) and hey what's up with M$ turning into some good guy RPG luvin punks on us. -j/k

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