GAME applauds PS3 cut

MCV writes: "The GAME Group has publicly applauded Sony's PS3 price reduction, predicting that the console will enjoy a major sales boost this Q4 as a result.

Sony this week revealed that it would bring a new, slimmer PS3 model into the channel next month. This SKU, dubbed the 'PS3 Slim' will retail for £249.99 in the UK, 299 euros in Europe, and $299 in the US."

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Sunny_D3558d ago

Never heard of them, but the more third party that approve, the better for ps3 and it's fans and especially SONY.

resistance1003558d ago

You seriously haven't heard of them?

GAME group are the biggest game retailers in Europe! and own both the GAME and Gamestation stores here in the UK. Heck they account for over 30% of total game sales here in the UK.

Nitrowolf23558d ago

i wouldn't be surprise, he might live in the USA (like i do)and might have never heard of them. I never knew them until i joined this site.
Its good to see that even GAME approves of this.